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Promote us and earn big commissions.

As a LYQUID partner, you’ll accelerate our mission to support entrepreneurs across the United States who aim to start, systemize, and scale their businesses by spreading the word about our stellar, all-in-one business solution.

How it Works

Refer and earn! Generate some extra income on the side by driving traffic and sales to LYQUID. Use the valuable resources we provide to share our excellent business services with entrepreneurs and established business owners everywhere and earn a high commission for each LYQUID Account you refer. The LYQUID Partner Program is absolutely free with no commitment or minimum sales requirement.

The Payoff

  • Dedicated Partner Team
  • High initial commission based on first payment (see payout options)
  • Recurring Bonus Commissions on quality accounts
  • Commission payments for the duration of a referred client’s account
  • No caps on your commissions

Resources to make it happen

We don’t want our partners just to sell sell sell. We want you to deliver lifetime value to your audience. We’re dedicated to providing you with an arsenal of valuable resources to ensure that referrals know exactly what LYQUID is all about and that they’ll stick around. As a LYQUID partner, you’ll get:

  • Direct access to a dedicated Partner Program manager to help you start earning
  • Several banners and FB ad images to help you get maximum exposure with the option to request custom banners tailored for your own needs.
  • 24/7 access to your very own Partner Dashboard to track your earnings and snag promotional tools
  • Option to request an advanced internet marketing education so you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Your dedicated Partner Manager will discuss with you the areas you may not be “in the know” with and help to teach you the points to get across to the public.
  • We want to see you succeed. If there are tools you need that may help you grow through our Partner Program, you’re welcome to get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for your interest! Please sign up to be a Partner at the top or bottom of this page by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ or ‘Partner With Us’ buttons.

Commission Options:

OPTION #1 Commission Structure (recommended)

Option #1 is a 15% commission for the entire first initial payment made by referral with a 5% bonus based on 6 months of service after a referral passes 12 months of holding an active account in good standing with Lyquid.  The 5% bonus commission is paid at the end of each year if your referral stays with Lyquid the entire year without account problems.  The 5% bonus commission is calculated on all qualified referral’s recurring services and tools chosen at the time of referral’s account creation.  Initial commission is calculated on fees paid in full by referral after a holding period of 90 days.  The bonus 5% commission is paid to you every year for the life of the referral’s account as long as your referral’s account remains in good standing for each full 12 month period.

OPTION #2 Commission Structure

Option #2 is an ongoing 10% commission based on the ongoing core website plan payments with no bonus or upfront commission on the total sale.  This 10% commission is paid between the mid to end of the following month payment is processed following the initial payment/account holding period of 90 days upon account creation.  If referral pays quarterly, biannual or annual, commission will still be paid at the mid to end of each month, however the 10% commission will be calculated on what each month breakdown cost is for your referral’s account.

You receive commission on the account subscription price as listed on our web package pricing pages (Core Plans, Advanced Plans, eCommerce Plans). We do not provide commissions on support overages, special setup fees, services added after the initial sale. Your commissions generate as long as the client has an open account with us and is current on their subscription payments.

We make partner commission payments between the 15th and end of each month pending that you have met our $100 threshold the month prior, we have your valid PayPal address on file, and we have your completed W-9 Form on file.

We track leads and sales through the Partner links that you find within the Partner Center as well as via confirmed source from your referral. Those Partner links contain cookies which track your referrals. You can also direct people straight to your Partner Program manager whereas you’ll receive full credit for all direct referrals as well.

A qualified sale is any customer who makes a purchase of a commissionable service through your Partner link or by direct referral. Keep in mind that customers who open an account must make it past their 90-day trial before their referrer will receive commission for that sale.

No. Your commissions will be paid via PayPal to the address you have on file.  As a bonus, if you refer a consistent 3 quality referrals every month (quality are ones who maintain active accounts without issues for long periods of time), we will provide you with a special discount on your LYQUID web plan as long as you continue to meet the minimum 3 referral amount each month.

You can contact our Partner Management team by emailing partner@lyquidagency.com

Click here to view the LYQUID Partner Program Terms and Conditions.

Please feel free to contact our Partner Management team with any questions or concerns by emailing partner@lyquidagency.com

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