Getting your business or real estate services online can be easy, or it can be a never ending, daunting task.

It’s best to find comfort in a professional website provider such as Lyquid that is here to guide you through the mess, coming out on top with a smile on your face.

There’s several predators lurking online ready to rip you off, set you up for disaster, ruin your website’s reputation online, among other key areas that carry a severe negative effect on your web presence.

They all come knocking on your door as professionals ready to “boost your business online.”  These can include SEO services, web traffic to your website, email accounts and addresses, graphic design services, and plenty more.

These are often online predators and spammers looking to gain access to your finances, give you false hope in climbing the searching engine rankings, gain client information, or to simply crash your site, effectively ruining your reputation online. Among these key pieces of information is one key and core function of your website: your online business presence.

Okay, enough doom and gloom. I’m sure you understand what I’m trying to get at: be careful who you’re working with so you know what you’re getting. What to look for? You’re in luck…keep reading.

It all starts with first step. Your domain name. At Lyquid, we provide you a free domain with any website package you choose. You may also opt to purchase one on your own, easily transferring it to our servers so that we can host your new website. Nonetheless, it’s best to be prepared. If you purchase your own domain name, get ready to receive emails from Internet spammers, including your own domain registrar! Here come those spammers again!

Once that domain is registered, you’ll likely receive messages offering you email addresses, “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) services, website analysis, and blog services amongst others. Delete those messages. Don’t allow yourself to be Internet prey. Trust the website provider you’re working with and ask them what they think of the offer and get professional advice in return. At Lyquid, we tell you from experience what to consider and what to avoid. Nearly everything you’re offered in those spam messages, you’ll either get for free (already included in your Lyquid Web Package) or it’s an add-on that carries a minimal fee. We continually strive to offer you everything you’ll ever need within one easy and convenient place.

Step One: launch your website.

Begin with that, everything else is an afterthought and really shouldn’t be considered until your new website is up and running. You may find what you thought you wanted in the beginning is either no longer needed or a waste of your time once your new website is in place. For argument’s sake, let’s assume you just found a great website provider and your website is now up and running.

Step Two:  decide if anything else is necessary for your business online. Take it a step at a time. Not everyone needs every bell and whistle available. Start easy. Open a free business Facebook page, perhaps a free Twitter page and get your company set up on a free LinkedIn company page. *Tip – if you’re going to be on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, make sure you use the services, having a blank, unused public social profile will have a negative effect on your overall image. It’s okay to just use Facebook if you prefer that over the others.

Getting your company started, or restarted, online can be stressful at first no matter the website provider. It’s best to find the one you can trust and that will guide you through the circus with ease. No matter the case, you’ll want to consider these questions:

  • What websites do you want to display your company information on (i.e. company directories, social sites)?
  • What social networks do you want to use?
  • Do you really need a mobile website? (despite what other companies preach, not everyone needs a mobile website)
  • What additional website options and exterior third party options cost money, but you’d like to consider utilizing?
  • Which ones do you really want and which could you live without?

You may also find that social networks just don’t appeal to you or that’s not where your potential clients or readers will be. Consider a professional blogging service (this applies to those using social networks as well).

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Search engines LOVE blogs!

Blogs are still viewed by many as “lame, childish things that do nothing” – WRONG! It’s not some diary where you write about the latest “date” you went on. Blogs are extremely useful and carry an immense amount of SEO power for a website due to the way they’re coded and organized.

Realize this, blogs do not need to be referred to as “blogs”. You can call them anything you want (i.e. News Feed, Recent News, Updates, etc).

You’ll find that professional blog services are either free or cost a lot of money. Ours are professionally integrated within your website, and always free, with every website package we offer. To reiterate, blogs are fantastic and incredibly powerful in terms of gaining you solid search rankings, among several other positive aspects that include spreading word of your services, providing expert advice among anything else you’d like to post about.

Your business or real estate website is your core representation online. If you’re website is lacking, it’s going to bring everything else down making you seem less credible. Find a website provider that will give you that professional “polish” and function online, while not hitting your wallet hard. (hint hint..) Once your website is in place, you’re welcome to branch off from there.

To sum up: you do not need to be overwhelmed with this process. Just be aware of what’s out there, be conscious of what your goals really are; and be ready to make those decisions of what’s a scam, what you need, and what you don’t really care about.

What we do here at Lyquid is create web presence. We make you look and feel great online.

Questions or comments? Contact us today. We’ll give you the expert advice and products you need to get started.