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Throughout 2013 and 2014, we began to let our clients know that if they are able, to please send us a client testimonial and/or customer review of Lyquid Agency along with including their experience from working directly with our company.

We were lucky. Some clients had the time to sit in front of their camera, smart phone, web cam, etc in order to share their testimonial (their own Lyquid Agency review) with others considering a move to our company.

With each video testimonial and overall Lyquid Agency review we received below, each client of ours choose whether to award us with a 1-5 Star rating (5 being the highest) as well as allowing us to transcribe their video for those who prefer to read at their pleasure.


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Lyquid Agency Testimonial #1 |

I had a problem; I had three of my major websites that I’ve had for eight years that needed an upgrade. I currently have all my business with Godaddy and it seems to me eight years ago Godaddy was a good company. It was smaller. It gave the home town kind of feel. The pricing wasn’t too bad at the time. As you know, things get bigger and when things get bigger the prices escalate, the customer services goes down and I was having that problem. I contacted Godaddy and said look I need to upgrade my websites. They quoted me at an outrageous price and I was really frustrated and anyways I contacted a fellow website buddy of mine and he said, you know because I looked at his website, I said “Man that is a good looking website.” He said, “Yeah, that it Lyquid Agency.” I’m like, “What?” He said, “Lyquid Agency and they also do other things.” I was like okay, so I checked it out and the first thing I wanted to do was check with customer support because when I buy something especially when I’m buying three websites and I want support for these websites, I want to make sure I can get a hold of them right off the bat because if I can’t get ahold of them right off the bat it is very frustrating. So I went in and contacted the help support team and they said, “What is your website?” and I laughed and said, “Well I don’t have a website with you all and I want to check and see.” and the gentleman I spoke to was very kind and wanted to know what I wanted to do and what not. Even though he wasn’t the sales guy he treated me like I was already a customer and that really impressed me and he said, “Hey, if you going to do this, you’ve been in the game for a while get the kitchen sink package.” I go ok he said, “It is all the features you need and more. He goes, “There is some things that are not even available with Godaddy at all.” I’m like ok while I got to do that and so I did the kitchen sink for all three websites. They have all three now; they maintain and host them all. What I really like is that there was a little quirk in my logo that I didn’t like on my second site and I knew it was a pain and I was like man I know I sent you that art work for it and their like hey no problem will take care of it. It was done within two hours. I was shocked oh by the way they knocked out the websites quick and I needed that because some of its passive income for me. It’s not just for fun, even though I enjoy these websites but I also wanted that customer service, the good prices, I wanted it all and Lyquid Agency provides it. I can’t thank Lyquid agency enough they did a fantastic job for me and I’m loving my websites.

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #2

Hey what going on everyone out there. Its Jason here and I really wanted to make this video to thank the Lyquid Agency but also make this video as a review to recommend their service to anybody who is looking to get a website. You know I’m a small business owner first and for most and I had a website that I was paying too much for and it was really just not doing much of anything for me at all. A friend of mine recommended the Lyquid Agency to help design this website and I was already stressed out about the whole process because running a business is hard enough. So doing a website, can also be stressful but my site manager that I work with was phenomenal. They walked me through everything. They listen to my question. They helped to understand my business and everything was really straight forward and very easy. Also I really recommend the Kitchen Sink plan that’s the plan I’m using and when looking at all the other plans, I felt like that plan was the best; so I would definitely would recommend that you might want to look into that. And overall the Lyquid Agency is a very cool company. You guys really rock. You know my website’s doing really well. I’m getting sales on it. I’m getting traffic on it. I’m getting compliments on it, unsolicited compliments from customers that say hey your website was really cool, really easy to navigate, so that really make me happy. Overall your guys took the stress off my shoulders and made everything a breeze. So if you’re watching this video right now, I want to thank you guys and also, if you’re watching this video out there; looking for a website give these guys a call or go to their website and check them out. You will not be disappointed. They offer A+ customer service and they offer A+ design. I’m sure you’ll love it, just like I did. Thank you very much.

Lyquid Agency Testimonial #3 |

Hey my name is April. First of all I would like to offer a huge thank you to the Lyquid Agency. I have been running an online clothing boutique out of my home for the last couple of years. And I have had my website with Godaddy. I won’t say too much but I wasn’t very happy with what I was receiving at Godaddy for the price. So I was dreading the switch but I had heard good things about Lyquid Agency and I just decided to go for it. I’m so glad I did because it went smoothly, it was so fast. I was very surprised at how quickly I was up and running again. I felt like the site manager was phenomenal helping me through the process and my site looks great and I love it I’m saving $75 a month. I feel like the staff at the Lyquid Agency has just done everything that they could possibly do to make this a smooth transition for me. So thank you again and I would highly recommend this company to anyone out there who needs a great site management company. Thanks!

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #4

Hi my name is Nicole. I wanted to give my review on using Lyquid Agency. I found out about them because I watched their video series on internet marketing. I realized that my business website was through Weebly, which there is nothing wrong with that it just wasn’t what I need for my company. I needed to take my website to the next level. Watching their video series really helped me to realize that. I was actually really blown away by how much they offer. The pricing seemed so right for me. I know it was going to be an investment in my business but I also understood that in order to make more money I needed to spend more money right now for a good website. The site manager they assigned to me and the support team were so helpful and they took time to answer all my questions and trust me I had a ton. So I was grateful they took the time, and care, and concern answered my questions when I needed answers. I’m paying a little more than I originally had planned but at the end of the day it is so worth it because now I have this awesome website and I have this team that can help me if I need changes if I need advice they’re there to help me. There was no stressed involved I was a little worried that I was going to invest all this time and money and still not have what I wanted and that wasn’t the case at all. With them, they had my website up in just a few days and again there support staff was amazing helped me though the whole process. I just wanted to say thanks to Lyquid Agency and if you need someone that can promote your company and you need a new website you definitely need to check them out.

Lyquid Agency Testimonial #5 |

Alright guys, so here is the deal with me, so a friend actually recently told me about Lyquid Agency and It was nice to get a referral of a company because I’ve been dealing with So of course I don’t know if you guys have seen the commercials, they have really been boosting up there advertising and so I decided to go with “” I was toughly let down, I’m not going to talk too much about that but as far as Lyquid; I made the move over and of course I got the referral from a friend, a good trusted friend. So I ended up choosing a plan of theirs called the Kitchen Sink Plan. So here is the deal, just to make a really long story short; there are a lot of good things about Lyquid, but I have more features with Lyquid at a lower price than I did with and that is just sad because people are paying tons of dollars to and they’re not getting any results. I’m saving money and I’m getting better results and honestly as far as I’m concern, there really is no one out there as better than Lyquid. So I would highly recommend if you’re looking for a company for web anything you need regarding web or the internet check out Lyquid. I highly recommend them. And also put a link to their website in the description if you’re watching the YouTube video so check it out guys.

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #6

Let me tell you about Lyquid Agency. I just got a hand written letter from them. What company does that? They’re amazing. Quick background, I was using another company for my website. Turns out, the website was atrocious, I mean the thing was horrible and their customer service was a joke. I can’t remember how I heard about Lyquid Agency, but when I got in touch with them, they were extremely helpful and so awesome. I couldn’t be happier! My new website rocks. Thank you guys! I really appreciate it.

Lyquid Agency Testimonial #7 |

So I own my own business, it’s a fitness business. It’s small, I’m the only one running it and I need help with my website. I had chosen a company called Supermedia and they did an absolutely terrible job on it. It was absolutely terrible; not only was it not what I wanted, it wasn’t what I discussed. It wasn’t working right but they were ripping me off in the process. It was a total waste of money. So actually there was a company that I was working with a couple of people that I meet that recommend this Lyquid Agency to me. So I gave them a call. I figured I had nothing to lose. I gave them a call and I talk to a site manager. They got my new website up in a week; it was less than a week. I was absolutely floored at how quickly they got the project done. They made everything easy. It was exactly what I wanted, it was exactly what I asked for and the website is absolutely stunning. People compliment me all the time and ask me where I got it done because it just looks so professional and it just has been such a relief and I have gotten so much new business from having a really good, really well functioning website. So if you need any sort of small business websites services, I would definitely contact Lyquid Agency. It has been a true blessing for my business and I’m super stoked.

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #8

Making a website should be a straight forward thing but when I went to a freelance website designer it just didn’t work out. The cost wasn’t what I thought it would be and the end result wasn’t what I thought it would be and so I moved it over to Lyquid Agency, absolutely did a great job. Lyquid Agency turned it around really fast. Which amazed me how fast they worked in comparison to the freelance; also the price was right and having someone guide me through all the things I needed and making it simple and the bottom line and making my business look good. When my business looks good, I look good. It small, but it is still mine. Lyquid Agency really came through for me creating my website and it’s exactly what I needed at the right price and I couldn’t be happier.

Lyquid Agency Testimonial #9 |

Hey there everybody, my name is Michael. I just got done moving my website awhile back to Lyquid Agency. I’ll tell you what; they have done such a great job. Before them I had a really horrible experience and to be honest I was nervous at first about moving my website to Lyquid Agency. I read all the great reviews but I really didn’t know what to expect but you know what I was blown away by the level of support they gave me. Their professionalism, everything they have done me. They me kept me informed and I now I have a great website, that I’m not ashamed or afraid to show off to anybody and everybody and I have something easy I can manage if I want to go in and make changes myself. It’s real simple and they offer all kinds of support and help. Anyhow, they have just been a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them to everybody. If you’re looking for a great web service Lyquid Agency, they are the ones to call. Thank you for watching this.

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #10

Hello to everyone at Lyquid Agency, I just wanted to say I never expected this experience to go so well. You hear some many companies who claim to be the best and they fall short, but this time it is really true. I mean things couldn’t have gone smoother; people are looking at my website, they are posting compliments about my website. I feel like business is going really well thanks to the job well done by you guys. I’m already telling my friends and family that if they need a website to use Lyquid Agency because it was a really great experience. I wanted to say thanks.

Lyquid Agency Testimonial #11 |

Hi, I’m Jenny from Anaheim, California and hey just saying you guys at Lyquid Agency have really put together an incredible company and to everyone that worked on my website I’m just so appreciative from the bottom of my heart my website is amazing I’m going to tell all my friends about your guys I can’t say thank you enough. My business is something I created myself from the bottom up it’s my passion, it’s my life, it’s my baby. When I realized I was going to have to switch website companies it was nerve racking. I was so stress I didn’t know what I was going to do. I’ m so glad I found you guys though because you made me feel at home. You guys really listen to me. You made switching super easy. I’m really grateful for that. I can’t say thanks enough. Thank you for taking the time talking to me listening to me. My website looks great. Thanks again guys.

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #12

So I don’t know who watches these but Lyquid is a really great company to work with. I couldn’t be happier with my website from them and I was on super media before but I couldn’t stand the way they treated me. So to everyone at Lyquid Agency, thank you so much.

Lyquid Agency Testimonial #13 |

Hey guys, its Alex here. I just want to talk about Lyquid Agency for a minute. Me and my family we have a small business and we just wanted to get our company’s website online. It was a hassle and headache but Lyquid Agency made everything very stress free they made everything easy. In under a week our website was online. Our site manager and support staff answered every question we had. They were very friendly which a very easy smooth process. They have a cool web package which they had features that basically promote our website too. So it’s just stress free our website is online and they did a very good job you. I would like to thank Lyquid Agency.

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #14

I’m really excited to promote Lyquid Agency. They are one of the few that actually take the time to help people. It’s worth every penny to. Thanks!

Lyquid Agency Testimonial #15 |

Lyquid Agency follows through with what they say they are going to do. If you need to get your business online, there isn’t a better company out there. I ended up moving away from Super Media last year. Moving to Lyquid was easy and fast. The money I’m saving on my website goes to other bills and people are finally using my website. Everyone at Lyquid is so easy to get along with. If you’re considering them, all I can say is you won’t regret it.

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #16

So I overheard a company that I deliver for, talk about that’s Lyquid with a “y” and I really needed a new place to start my website. I was using and they are so expensive and just wasn’t happy with their services. So we tried and I loved it. We got our website up in a week and it is absolutely beautiful. There wasn’t any stress at all. So I would definitely recommend if your business is looking to create an awesome website.

Lyquid Agency Testimonial #17 |

I thought moving to Lyquid Agency and getting a new website would be a giant headache but you know what, you guys did everything for me and I want to thank you for that. In less than a week my website was online and people have already started to compliment me on it. This is great. You know something else that other should know about is the site manager that I had he stuck with me and he helped me understand everything that needed to be done and gave me some pointers for marketing as well, which has really helped me. Thank you for everything and keep up the great work.

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #18

I was a little caught off guard that the owner of Lyquid Agency talked to me and actually helped setup my website. That was really special. Thank you for your fast work and for the really nice website. I wish the best for everyone at Lyquid Agency!

Lyquid Agency Testimonial #19 |

Hey everybody this is Marcus and I just wanted to make this quick video because lately I have been getting a lot of question about my new site design. You know the site has been up for about three years and the new design is just taking people by storm and tons of compliments on its functionality, how it is so much more presentable, how the load speeds are faster. Also on a business side it is converting better which the bottom line for me. I’m not a tech guy; I’m a business owner with a website. So this really works for me. So the first design not to through anyone through the walls or anything like that but it was done by a local designer and I must say I highly overpaid for that design because as you can see now, it is not as functional as my current design. This design was done by a company called Lyquid Agency a buddy of mine recommended them to me after I had several complaints about working with my local designer. I didn’t feel like we were on the same page with the things that I felt needed to be addressed with the site and the pricing I felt like I was being squeezed for every penny. So he recommended Lyquid Agency to me. So I went with their Kitchen Sink Package. I honestly can say I couldn’t be any happier. The prices are low, the easy expenses. Everything is just running smoothly and like I said, I’m making this movie because they have given me more. So many different people coming back to me giving me compliment on the design of the site, that I felt compelled to do this. So if you want to get a site up and running I would highly recommend Lyquid Agency that’s who you need to go to. That who I went to; to answer everybody questions. Have a good one.

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #20

If you haven’t started using Lyquid Agency you’re missing out. Hands down the best company I’ve worked with. I love my new website. I’m saving money each month. People are paying attention to me now and everything is so easy to use. Thank you.

Lyquid Agency Testimonial #21 |

It’s nice to see the difference between a company that is there to help you and a company that just wants your money. Lyquid cares. I was a little skeptical at first because everything that Jeff was saying sounded so easy and great but he told me point blank that this is the difference between a crap company who is out there to exploit customers and one that stands behind their word and products. I decided to move to Lyquid Agency and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for everything.

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #22

I purchased my domain name through and decided to let them build my website as well not a good decision on my part. The website was not professional their customer service was just downright awful. That’s when a client told me about Lyquid Agency. After talking to a site manager, I decided to let them redo my website; that was a good decision. It took them less than a week. The website turned out so awesome, very professional, very amazing. I get a lot of complements on it and the process was so easy with absolutely no stress. I’m very happy with the work Lyquid Agency did on my site and I highly recommend them.

Lyquid Agency Testimonial #23 |

I never had a website before. I don’t know what others have dealt with but I’ve heard a lot of horror stories. I can say Lyquid Agency has made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. They ended up being much cheaper than the other companies I looked at. The Site Manager I got was great to work with and gave me some tricks to marketing as well. In the end, I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for everything.

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #24

Lyquid agency’s websites, support, pricing; nothing compares your clearly the best at what you do and I appreciate the continued help you give me it didn’t take long at all to get my new company online and you guys were always super easy to talk to when I had questions. So thanks again. I really appreciate it.

Lyquid Agency Testimonial #25 |

Hey there, I just wanted to make this quick video to say how happy I am with results I got from Lyquid Agency. I mean, Lyquid Agency did an incredible job getting my business online and one of the best parts is people are always asking me now who did my website and I’m just thrilled to send them to Lyquid Agency, but best of all everything was finished so fast. I mean, you guys really took the stress out of the whole process for me. So, I can’t thank you enough.

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #26

I’ve had so many websites in the past and none of them compare to what I have with Lyquid Agency. You guys have knocked it out of the park, absolutely knocked it out of the park. A big thanks to Jeff my Site Manager for taking the time to help work through the issues I had with Supermedia and Godaddy. I seriously would have been lost without your help. If someone is watching this and isn’t using Lyquid Agency you’re missing out. They are by far the most attentive web company that I have ever worked with.

Lyquid Agency Testimonial #27 |

Hey folks, it’s George Williaming. I wanted to send you guy over there a video today and let you know how much I really appreciate the great work that you guys did for us. We had been paying and I think that I may have told this story already, we had been paying about $1700 a year with Godaddy for our website and we kind of thought we were stuck with it. I talked to a buddy of mine and he was using you guys at Lyquid Agency and I talk to him about it for a while and he said, “You know those guys are great”… I said, “Well I had nothing to lose.” So I contacted you. I called over there. I talk to your site manager. I decided to give you guys a go at it and we started all over with a new website and I thought it was going to be a real hassle but you guys took the stress out of it and my new site was up then less than a week. I think it was something like five days or something. Frankly I’m amazed. The website looks professional. It’s got a lot of really neat features in it. Of course it’s was easy to use, you would expect that and the tutorial videos that you guys have; it helps keep my news section updated and I really like that feature and best of all I’m saving over $900 a year. Don’t raise you prices. I love your work and I’ll talk to you guys again thanks a lot. Bye.

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #28

Hey there, everyone at Lyquid Agency has done such a great job at helping me leave I was pretty upset when I didn’t have a new website but you guys made it easy to move away from them. I still can’t believe you sent me a hand written card. I’m already telling everyone I know about Lyquid. You guys are a class act company. I just want to thank you so much for everything and making my life easier.

Lyquid Agency Testimonial #29 |

Lyquid Agency got my website up within a couple of days. And I was really blown away I don’t know much or anything about websites and they really made it really easy. The site manager I work with really took the time to answer my question and also help with me get ideas for promoting my business, so that was super cool. People and customers and clients are loving my website and keep asking me where I got it from. I really just wanted to thank you for all your help and I hope people start finding out about you guys, because you guys are great.

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #30

It’s nice to see the difference between a company that is there to help you and a company that just wants your money. Lyquid cares. I was a little skeptical at first because everything Jeff was saying sounded so easy and great, but he told me point blank that this is the difference between a crap company who’s out to exploit customers and one that stands behind their word and products. I decided to move to Lyquid Agency and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for everything. I’ve already noticed a difference in people impressions of me.

Lyquid Agency Testimonial #31 |

Hey everybody you know if you are on the fences as to whether or not to choose Lyquid Agency, trust me you need to do it. You won’t regret it. They got my website up and online fast. Everything was easy to do and the site manager I had walked me through their entire processes and you know there was really nothing to much hard to learn about or hard to figure out exactly what to do, which was a real relief for me because I’m not a propeller head. I don’t know a lot of things about websites but really the only thing I had to do was just send them over what I wanted on my site and well they did the rest. It was pretty cool. So thanks so much guys.

| Lyquid Agency Testimonial #32

What’s left to say other than thank you Lyquid Agency? You guys made my life so much easier. I’m really excited to show off my new website. Everything went so well and everyone I worked with was very professional but real at the same time. I will definitely be telling others about your company. Thank you again.