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Official Domain Email Address Setup Guides

Official domain email addresses set you apart from the rest who still use Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Comcast, among others to represent them in from of their customers. When it comes to business, having an official “” makes a true difference.

For helpful guides for setting up your domain email addresses with your favorite devices and apps, click the corresponding image. While we cannot set up your email address for you, we offer detailed guides on how to do so.

Prior to beginning any available email setup guide, make sure you have received and have your email configuration information in front of you. If you do not, please contact our Support Team using the “Need Email Config Info?” button below.

IMPORTANT: We highly recommend you use an email backup software option such as Microsoft Outlook for desktop or Gmail Online as a POP3 email client. This means the email software will actually backup your emails and not just stream them from the server. The reason for this is that our server will only keep that latest 2500 emails you have received. We do not store or backup your emails for each email address you may have from Lyquid. It is very important that you find an email backup option before using your new or transferred email address.

*Please note that any support you need regarding your email client software (app, email desktop software, etc) functionality, options, email signatures, etc, must be done directly with the software support you’re using. We are unable to provide support for any software or app you use with your official Lyquid supplied email addresses. As technology and software is continually changing, we cannot guarantee the reliability or accuracy of our guides.  We do not endorse any email client software; we are providing our email configuration guides as examples and options you may decide to use with your Lyquid email addresses. You are welcome to use any email client software of your choosing.