Gmail | Android Setup Guide

Available for smart phones & tablets

*Please note that any support you need regarding your email client software (app, email desktop software, etc) functionality, options, email signatures, etc, must be done directly with the software support you’re using. We are unable to provide support for any software or app you use with your official Lyquid supplied email addresses. As technology and software is continually changing, we cannot guarantee the reliability or accuracy of our guides. We do not endorse any email client software; we are providing our email configuration guides as examples and options you may decide to use with your Lyquid email addresses. You are welcome to use any email client software of your choosing.


Now start with installing Gmail on your device via the Apple store (it’s a free app). Once installed, click on your desktop icon to begin.

Log into your Gmail account using your GOOGLE Login Credentialsnot your Lyquid email address/password.
Choose “OK” in order to allow Gmail to place notifications on your phone notifying you when you have new email.
That’s it! If you signed in correctly, you’ll be brought to your Inbox. Now, let’s test a couple more things.
If you set up your Gmail Online version (browser version) – then you should be able to automatically see your Lyquid Email Address(s) within the From field in the message composer. Remember that with Gmail ONLINE, you can add multiple (usually up to 5) email addresses within one account. All configured addresses will appear within your app!
Woo! Your email address is now setup on your device. Time to celebrate, right? – Not just yet! Be sure to test your email address on your device now. It’s best to send a test message to a personal email address of yours in order to make sure it shows up without issue. You’ll then want to send a reply back from your personal email address and make sure you receive your business email via this app. Annnnd…now your done.

Official Domain Email Address Setup Guides

Official domain email addresses set you apart from the rest who still use Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Comcast, among others to represent them in from of their customers. When it comes to business, having an official “” makes a true difference.

While we cannot set up your email address for you, we offer detailed guides on how to do so.

Prior to beginning any available email setup guide, make sure you have received and have your email configuration information in front of you. If you do not, please contact our Support Team using the “Need Email Config Info?” button below.