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Website Company Comparison

Know the type of company you are choosing to supply you with your website.

It’s best to find and use a company that not only provides you a proper website, but also one that brings with it added marketing services and features not otherwise found at other web companies. After all, as long as you stick to your business goals, this should be your home for a long time and it’d be nice to know you are with the best, which includes: quality, price, extended features and services as well as a great support team to back you up.

Lyquid Agency is proud to present you with a straight forward, raw and as honest an assessment as possible of companies we find ourselves competing against. Keep in mind that in the category of “Local Web Firm” and “Freelancer,” many fields are left generic as it is impossible to compare against due to them hiding their pricing as well as not being able to offer many services beyond the stereotypical “Website and SEO” offerings. We did however, put together overall average costs.

Lyquid is a specialty company that can provide and serve a vast amount of business types. We remain as transparent as possible as it comes to business and are very clear with what we offer, how we offer it and the support/cost that follows.

Due to so many lacking options, we were unable to properly compare the following companies due to such severe limitations in their companies. Such include: Wix, Weebly, YellowPages,, SuperMedia, among others.

Helping you understand the difference ranging from freelancers to large corporations

*Comparisons against Freelancers and Web Firms we taken as an average middle ground after communicating with no less than 10 companies/sole proprietors in both categories.