Lyquid Agency’s Added Client Benefits | Premium Network of Business Websites

Websites are one thing, and getting the word out about your business is another.

As our advanced marketing tools can only do so much, we’ve created four additional external website networks your business can utilize in order to help your company gain more exposure, more “backlinks,” more recognition and more leads!

Depending on the business website plan you choose, you’ll receive certain free added benefits.  You can always purchase an annual membership to our network websites after opening your account in case our PR Toolkit is not included in your business website plan.  Each membership is priced at an affordable rate in order to provide you an easier added business advantage.  We want your experience at Lyquid Agency to be top notch and enjoyable!


Lyquid Free Business Directory

Being a successful business includes people being able to find your website.

More importantly, it involves people being able to gain that buyer confidence needed in order to pick up the phone and call, send you a direct email, purchase any product or service on your website or use any of your web forms.

Our free Lyquid Business Directory provides you with an automatic business profile and entry in an external online business directory, expanding your website reach even further.

Lyquid Exclusive Business Directory

Similar to our other business directory, “Lyquid Directory” is closed to Lyquid Agency clientele only.

With our advanced Lyquid Directory, we’re expanding on the information entered for your company, allowing for more tailored room in order to highlight your business even more. As this directory grows, our GeoLocation feature brings local searches even closer to your door.

Lyquid Agency pushed the envelop by providing you many incredible benefits far and above your standard business website. We always want to see you growing, getting better and better both on and offline.

Lyquid Deals

We know you’ve heard of Groupon and Living Social.

The problem with these companies is they are not only limiting on what you can and cannot highlight for a “deal” – but they also take a massive chunk of YOUR sale. That is something we cannot stand by.

Businesses need the freedom of flexibility and “on the go” decision making without having to run it by a third party vendor for “approval.”

Lyquid Deals, bridges the gap, allowing you a constant and free* outlet to post your latest deals, discounts and promotions without any commitment, either financially or promotional time length. You can edit the promotion at any point, controlling what and when your deals are posted online.

Lyquid Press

Write and publish for your own company!

If you’ve spent any time on our website, we’re sure you’ve come across the importance of proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and many other aspects that makes up SEO. Enter the new “Lyquid Press” website.

Once every month, we allow for your business to write and publish Press Releases, Company News, Company Reviews and more.  Anything you want to officially publish about your company, you’ll be able to (naturally, we will be hand approving each article to maintain safety and professional standards).

You now have an official outlet that will gain your website backlinks and added recognition, without the difficulty of gaining an entrance with your standard news website.