Exciting Improvements Coming Soon for Lyquid Agency!

Lyquid Agency - Updates Coming 2015

By summer’s end, we’ll be rolling out a fresh new website, along with a stack of new videos throughout! With this website, we’ll be pushing the boundaries of web design through several new coding techniques.

Here’s a quick Q&A with Jeff Serani, CEO at Lyquid regarding these upcoming improvements for Lyquid!

Q: Why the upcoming change?

A: We’ve known for a while now that we should be pushing harder for the updated look. As it comes to being “relevant” online as a business website provider, we need to show ourselves as an advanced market leader. We do this by means of an intuitive and highly flexible website built for every screen it happens to be displayed on while also keeping the amount of information we display cleanly laid out. It’s been months of preparation and anticipation on our end so we’re all very excited to begin production.

Q: What does this mean for new and current clients?

A: Current clientele will have a similar Client Login with very much the same client dashboard to access their account. Once launched, all new clients will see a streamlined payment and account handling process. We’re also making it even easier to add our specialty extended options and marketing services to accounts as well. Clients need only choose and purchase said item and we get straight to work.

Q: When will this be rolled out?

A: We’re hoping to have the new website rolled out by the end of the summer. Preferably before August 15th. There is a good chance we’ll meet this deadline goal, but I’m also not planning to overly push for the update as I would like nothing overlooked and half-done. Depending on how the development takes place, we may even roll out certain sections of the website at a time. Essentially turning this transition into a soft opening, allowing folks to slowly get a feel for the new website look without quickly turning the corner.

Q: What other plans do you have coming up?

A: Lots of great projects in the works! We’re planning to release our exclusive Lyquid Deals website which will be offered only to active clientele. Free of course. The sole reason behind launching a website such as the upcoming Deals website is to help our clients gain further exposure for their companies. We currently offer two exclusive online business directories free to every client and this will be a great addition to that family of added client benefits. As with our business directories, we’ll take it slow for a while, making sure the website executes correctly serving its core function, which is for clientele to easily be able to add in their deals so when the public searches for say “Lyquid Agency coupons” – this website will pop up and help make a sale for our clients.