Free Video Series: Blogging and What Blogging Is

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Blogging and what blogging is and should be in 2014 and beyond.

The word blog is tainted. It’s not some diary anymore. It’s a powerful platform that search engines love. And one that you should take advantage of.

We provide it for free within every website package we offer. Every website plan has a page limitation attached to it. Blogging does not. You can literally post unlimited articles. What I tell our clients is that blogging to a search engine is the equivalent to me and chocolate chip cookies. I love them. And Search engines love blogs. They love the coding behind a professionally developed blog, they love that single blog articles are usually about one topic, not a variety, which gives you great focus on specific keywords which will ultimately bring people to your website.

If you want to legally cheat your way up the search engines, then have us create for you, a blog with your website.

And to make it known, we rarely call a blog “BLOG” – we offer you the choice to call it anything you’d like…”News,” “Updates” or in our case “Lyquid Knowledge.”