Free Video Series: Business Strategy – Your Online World (Next Steps After Attending a Local Marketing Seminar)

By April 25, 2014Free Video Series

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Ok, so you went to a seminar where you were told about all the tools you can use online that can benefit your career. Whether you’re a writer, a business owner, a real estate agent, a personal blogger, it applies to everyone.

The problem though, is now you have all this information, but where do you start? What do you do with it all? How do you do it?

Here’s my down and dirty, cliff notes version of where your online success begins and how to take yourself to a higher level.

1. No matter what you do, no matter who you are, you MUST start with your core foundation. What is your core foundation? It’s your website. You have to have a professional, appealing, dynamically driven website. This is crucial. Some people jump to social media networks, they jump to Blogger, free website providers, and others, thinking this is going to actually help them. Guess what, it doesn’t. They end up going nowhere with their dreams of success.

2. Free websites….or those cheap $10/mo do it yourself websites… they don’t cut it. I know we’re now programmed to want what’s free, but there comes a time when you need to be met with reality. That old saying still applies, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Free is a bait and switch technique. Don’t waste your time. You’re already busy enough.

3. Realize and understand that with your core, comes centralizing everything you do. The trick or key is to make things as easy as possible for you. What do I mean by this…having a website, having a separate blog account on a different website, having 3 different email accounts, having two social media managers (such as Social Oomph or HootSuite), among others will slow you down and take more money out of your pocket. At Lyquid, we focus on centralizing what we call your ongoing campaign. Don’t have a separate blog, don’t use separate social media managers (unless you specifically need it), and don’t have multiple email accounts you have to sign into. Just don’t do it. Now that’s easy for me to say because that’s what we do here for our clients, no one else does this. Using Lyquid, you’re provided a premium dynamically driven website which houses your professional blog within your website, we integrate powerful social media components that allow you to free up time and post your blog and news articles straight to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we centralize all your official website email addresses within one single Gmail account, allowing you to stream your emails in a safe, easy way, and we do a whole lot more. Centralizing is key. It is the next step in your foundation.

4. Once your foundation is in place, begin branching out. Open your Facebook page; open your Twitter account, and whatever else you are looking to get involved with. Now I’m a firm believer that social networking is quickly becoming too clouded with all the noise of everyone else saying “look at me” – that’s why you need to pick a maximum of 3 social networks to be a part of. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, whatever. The ones that remain at the top that allow you the best option for promoting more than a single item are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

5. Back to your website. You must, not maybe, not later, you must take the time your website craves. Several people believe that just having a website will do just fine. Others believe that having regurgitated content from some web providers “library” will fit the bill. Guess what, it’s won’t. First, people won’t find you online. Second, the ones that do, will quickly sniff out the fact that there is nothing reliable, nothing or personal interest and absolutely nothing that speaks about why and how you or your business is unique. Think of it in this harsh way…if you won’t take the time to write about why your business is great and why people should be reading your book or paying for your services, then why are you in business in the first place? Sure you’re busy. Who isn’t these days? Getting lazy is okay, but don’t expect that being lazy will help your online campaign in any way.

6. Start posting news on your website. When you hear the term “Social media” you tend to think Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. That’s wrong. Social media has been greatly abused as a term. Social media is actually everything that you do both on and offline. Those social NETWORKS like Facebook and Twitter are just another means to get your word out to the world. Remember that because it’s going to help put more focus on your website. The entire goal on your campaign is to get people to your website, which then your website must assist you in selling your books, services, products, promoting your opinions and anything else you’re going for. Just like my centralizing your efforts, you start with your website. Post your news to your website’s blog or news section (which we supply to you for free), using our social media features, click a button, add some brief text and instantly post it to your Facebook, your twitter or LinkedIn without ever having to leave your website. It’s that simple.

7. Have fun. This is your business. Whether you make money from it or not, this is your business. And your business is to get word out of what you’re offering the world. Show off your website, constantly post news on your website and promote that news to social networks. Hand out business cards pushing people to visit you online. This is your ongoing, never ending campaign. It’s what will make all the difference in your life.

Hopefully you picked up some good information here. You’re welcome to contact us whereas we can help guide you through the noise. We’re here to build your core foundation, centralize your campaign online, keep your life as simple as can be and save you money in the process.

Thank you and have a great week.