Free Video Series: Do Not Buy Website Traffic…Ever.

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Buying Website Traffic…I can’t stress this enough…it never works out for you and it is always pure junk. If you’re convinced otherwise, try it. You’ll see my point very quickly.

Computer bots hit your website from thousands of different IP addresses making it think you’re getting traffic. Others misalign links tricking people that are then passed through your website but never actually see it.

Think about it. Do you really think there is someone out there that can alter and control website traffic? If that was the case, you’d hear about it everywhere as the place to BUY success.

That’s the equivalent of paying someone to literally divert traffic off a city street to drive straight to your retail store skipping everything else on the way even if it’s going against what that driver ever wanted to do. It’s impossible.

Don’t waste your money and don’t buy website traffic.