Free Video Series: Lyquid’s Mobile Splash Page

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I want to start this off by saying, if you haven’t viewed our earlier video regarding mobile websites, please do so now. The link is HERE.

Now what’s really interesting about why we developed this particular feature is not from clients mentioning the need, it was the visitors, the customers of our clients subtly mentioning what they’d like to see.

Now there are four ways you can go with regards to mobile websites:
1. You don’t need it so you don’t have one.
2. You have one of Lyquid’s responsive websites where you literally never have to worry about this situation.
3. You have our specially designed mobile website – which differs from your normal website.
4. You have our Mobile Splash Page –

What our Mobile Splash page does is bridges the gap between having a full on mobile website (which may not be needed in your situation) and not having a mobile website at all.

Lyquid’s Mobile Splash Page allows you to have a custom background while displaying your logo, a brief or long paragraph about you or your service as well as icons links to bring people straight to your social media profiles if you’d like. What we also include are crucial icon links so that people can immediately click a button to call you, email you directly and an icon to view your full website if they’d like to see it all.

What we have found out is that there is a significant amount of clients who actually don’t want a full fledged mobile website, but still want to provide the ease of contact with their viewers. Our Mobile Splash Page is meant for the people who do not need a mobile website but would like a gateway for mobile users to choose whether to view your full website or quickly call or email you.

If you’re a current client of Lyquid, feel free to check this out within our Client store. Here is an example (click to enlarge):