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We’re not just competitive, Lyquid is beyond affordable.

We want things to be as easy as possible for your financial growth, giving you an even greater chance at success and succeeding in all of your future endeavors. After all, growth is where any priority for all business owners resides.

Competitive website providers range from a typical Freelance designer/developer (averaged at $700-$2,500 up front + hosting and maintenance as well as a 4-8 week lead time) to a small web boutique firm (averaged at $1,500-$5,000 up front plus hosting and maintenance along with the same 4-8 week lead time) … and then there’s mass production website providers such as: , , , , and more (which together, they range from $90/month and upwards of $350 per month plus you’re locked into a minimum 6-24 month long contract with a 3-7 week lead time).

Lyquid Agency starts at $37/month with zero setup fees and no contracts. Our typical lead time averages just one week depending on how fast you can supply us with your content.

Lyquid Agency is right in between the web boutique firm in terms of high end quality but priced lower than that of the mass produced website providers. So we’re not charging you thousands of dollars up front and we’re also not charging you the high monthly fees like the multinational corporations are. We’re charging you an extremely low monthly price almost equivalent to that of a high end web hosting provider.

We provide you with a high quality website product at a very low price which includes nearly all the initial and ongoing features you’ll need. Similar to a well-known airlines…A low price does not need to mean low quality. We’re proud to do our part and provide you with excellence all around at a very competitive price.

What’s our business strategy here? To invest in our clients. To do everything in our power to keep our clients happy and proud to show off their website. After all, our goal is for our happy clients to spread word of our company so that we may all grow together.