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By March 11, 2014Free Video Series

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There are not only hundreds; there are thousands of website providers out there. Finding the right one that can produce for you, a functional and appealing website design, can be an endless personal battle. You don’t need to have that stress.

Currently, we offer 240+ AND GROWING professional website designs all with the same goal in mind…growing your business appeal. Our coding is state of the art, every website carries a strong foundational SEO (Search Engine Optimization) base and the elegance and appeal is the icing on the cake.

Providers such as:

  • gd
  • sm
  • wc
  • d1
  • ylp

…and all of these new cheap “website builders” out there such as:

  • wy
  • yl
  • ws
  • sq

…their websites are pure junk. The coding is terrible, the designs are lacking and they know that they can get away with it and exploit the majority of their customers through their multimillion dollar ad campaigns promising you the opposite. These companies lie to you claiming they do all this great SEO work on your website, setting you up all over online through all the search engines…they don’t do a thing except wait for Google to index your website. Your website content and Google are the main elements that get you found online, not companies like sm, gd or the like.

From Lyquid, as a base, you’re able to stream videos, add images throughout, have a high quality slideshow, enhance your site with custom forms, get that real professional look and feel, have the crucial functionality you keep hearing about along with tons of other options. and best of all, you get it all at an incredibly low price. That’s pretty hard to beat.

Get in touch with us today. I’ll personally speak with you, helping you transition over or start fresh with Lyquid Agency.