Free Video Series: Mobile Websites – Where Do You Stand?

By March 11, 2014Free Video Series

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Mobile websites. They are not for everybody. Pretty bold statement considering you are constantly marketed to the opposite.

Think about this for a minute. Does your business or your industry command a mobile market?

Our clientele is made up of nearly every industry you can think of and I would say that maybe 50% of them actually need a mobile website.

Why that low amount after how much you hear “mobile is crucial…”

Let’s take one example. A Financial based website. To get more specific, lets take a professional who specializes in providing business credit. The main focal point of their website is their pre-qualification form, along with various other contact forms on their website. Now put yourself in the shoes of someone going to their website. Are you going to actually fill out a pre-qualification form that requires you to upload your credit report via your mobile phone? I doubt it and so do every client we have that works within that industry. After trying several methods, not once has any mobile user contacted them through their phones – they all use their main desktop or laptop computer.

You need to ask yourself if it’s realistic to have a mobile website. This is an area we can also assist you in determining what’s best for your website strategy.