Free Video Series: Moving From an Old School Self Hosted HTML Website to Lyquid

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Moving from an old school self hosted HTML website to Lyquid.

This is the rare instance where upgrading to Lyquid will cost a little more. Not much, but more. Ultimately, you need to ask yourself how much do you want to have to worry about? With Lyquid, you don’t have to worry about anything other than updating your website with news if you’d like. And if that’s not something that important to you, then you have nothing to worry about at all. By default, we handle the rest. We oversee the server maintenance, the core network updates, the email servers, hacker attempts, you name it.

The top four reasons people with self hosted websites upgrade to Lyquid are:

1. They want to upgrade to a dynamic and high end website.
2. They want to upgrade to a more appealing website.
3. They don’t want to worry about anything anymore.
4. They want features they otherwise don’t have access to – whether it’s due to cost or literally it’s not possible with their current website construction.

Now when transitioning, it’s a bit more easy than moving from another website provider. See below for a link to our other video on this subject. In this situation, we already know you own your domain name, we know your information and content won’t get lost. In this regards, we’re not racing against time to beat your next high monthly payment from one of our competitors. And most likely, you are never locked into a contractual agreement. If you happen to have a self hosted website and are looking for less STUFF to worry about, more features that will almost immediately benefit you, consider Lyquid. We’re happy to discuss your options and how well you could benefit from upgrading your website (s).

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