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Social media can be both good and bad. You either embrace it by consistently using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin or you harshly stay away from them – or you’re like me and you want to use it, but you also have difficulty in finding the time to actually update your profiles.

Here’s something that’s really neat to say. It doesn’t matter if you embrace social media, hate it, or have difficulty finding the time to use it, our Post News To website feature across the board, fits within your situation. What this feature is and does is streamlines your entire way of posting your news updates to the top 4 places online.

1. Your website
2. Your LinkedIn account
3. Your Facebook account
4. Your twitter account.

Now you don’t have to use all four, but you have the option.

When publishing an article on your Lyquid website, whether it’s strictly news, or a press release or you’re just writing about the weather, it’s doesn’t matter… from within that same screen where you type your article, all you need to do is click a button for each social network you use (available for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), fill in or edit the automated fields our system fills out for you, add an image or not and hit publish for each social network. Within seconds, your news or blog post is officially published and live on any or all of the three social networks! How cool is that!? This is similar to Hoot Suite but for less money and you don’t have a second place to have to log into and add your information as well. We centralize everything directly within your website!

All sorts of business owners such as restaurant owners or real estate agents, bloggers, you name it, literally everybody benefits from this feature. Say if you’re a real estate agent constantly and consistently wanting to get word out about a new home on the market or if you sold a home or if there’s some crazy industry news everyone should know about, post it on your website, hit a button and just like that, all of your followers and fans see your news post.

You can either choose our Social Media Elite plan that has these features already built in or you can add any of these to your website plan if it doesn’t currently have this. Our Post News To features saves you a significant amount of time and it keeps you looking professional across the board.