Free Video Series: Post Website Launch – Two Common Concerns

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Post website launch – Two immediate concerns.

Soon after a website is launched, we get a few concerned clients calling in and I’ll clear up the two main concerns.

The number one focal point people have right after their website is launched is “why don’t I see myself on Google?”

This along with “I searched a keyword phrase I targeted in my content and my website never showed up in Google.”

While these are valid concerns, they’re not practical. Despite what other companies deceptively claim…Search engine rankings and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are never overnight.

While we submit your website to the top search engines online, something to remember is that we are not able to control those companies nor the action they take when determining how fast to index your website, what they feel is relevant on your website and whether or not to put you on page one or page 20 of Google. That is determined by time and creating a reputation online over your competitors – which is the whole new way of how search engines work in 2014.

All of us at Lyquid make this process as simple and as fast as it can be. We’re here to save you money, make you look better and ultimately, to help you grow your business and brand. If search engines are a main focus for your business, let your Site Manager know and they will give you advice on the best ways to target that market, as well as mentioning our additional SEO features and account options.