Free Video Series: Providers Offering Online AD Credits

By March 11, 2014Free Video Series

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This includes Google Adwords, Facebook PPC, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Bing Ads… I find it interesting that you see these big and small website providers out there claiming that you get a $100 credit to advertise on Google or somewhere else and use this as an actual benefit to using their service.

If you see that listed as a benefit from a website provider, start questioning their products and what they are actually offering you. Advertising credits are not benefits to using one’s services. I’m sure I’m upsetting our competition here, but Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing … anyone that offers a Pay Per Click ad campaign platform, contacts companies like Lyquid and says, “Hey, we’ll let you use our ‘Certified Partner’ logo if you refer us business all the time. We can help you make your website packages look more appealing by offering your customers a $100 credit for advertising on our website…”

What’s my point..? It’s not a special arrangement or benefit to you in any way other than adding another line of quote “Features” to a website plan’s list.

If you are looking to get into Pay Per Click campaigns. Make sure you can afford the gamble. It’s not cheap nor is it easy. Sure it’s simple to setup, but if you don’t know the In’s and Out’s of the game, you’ll likely waste every penny you spend.

We can certainly provide you with a credited dollar amount like the other companies out there if you would like. Just remember, these credits have expiration dates on them.

When it comes to Pay Per Click ad campaigns, there are zero guaranteed results. For those that use Pay Per Click campaigns or QR codes, we most likely will be launching a service in 2014 that will help boost your appeal when using a Pay Per Click or QR Code campaign.