Free Video Series: QR CODES – Part 2

By March 11, 2014Free Video Series

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QR CODES – Part 2: How to use it to actually benefit you.

I suppose it’s okay to use your QR Code to just send people to your main website’s home page or Facebook page. I’ll tell your right now…it’s not effective.

QR Codes need to be treated like Ad campaigns. And with any online ad campaign, you need to have a dedicated web page built strictly for the use of your ad. These are called “landing pages.”

What I mean by this is that sending someone to your website’s home page after scanning your QR Code is like opening a gate for the cattle to roam free. Stay with my analogy. I’m not calling the public cattle. What happens when you open the gate? Cattle literally goes everywhere. It’s uncontrollable. It’s chaos and there is never a goal or a definitive outcome.

Similar to roaming cattle. Your QR Code users need to be brought to a specific web page that speaks to those who just scanned your code. From there, you can direct these users on what to do. Whether it’s to get people to sign up for your Email newsletter, submit a form to get a special discount, or simply to say. “Hi QR Code user, thank you for taking the time to scan and view our website. You’re welcome to view our services page to learn more about what we offer. Thank you – Have a great day.”

Treat your QR Code like an ad campaign.

In early 2014, Lyquid will be launching a special service where we will design for you, a special web page built strictly for your QR Code campaign. Keep an eye out for it, it’ll be on the books soon.