Free Video Series: What is SEO in 2014? What Changed in April 2012?

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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 2014? What changed in April 2012?

Mainly, Google leveled the playing field for small businesses and individuals.

Google was the pioneer with creating a new way to search out websites online. In April 2012, they made a change. No longer could big corporations, among others, cheat their way to the top of page 1 of Google.

In the past, the trick was to buy links to your website, keyword stuff your web pages, stuff your meta data and keyword tags and you’d magically be on page one. Shady operations popped up everywhere offering these types of services, exploiting unknowing clients thinking this was “the way” to make it happen.

In today’s search engines, the focus now is on understanding your target users, producing great content on your site, establishing your authority and visibility, and providing a great experience for your visitors.

Google now penalizes people who are found to have bought links pointing to their website. They penalize websites that stuff a bunch of barely relevant keywords into their web pages as well.

SEO in 2014 is about reliability, credibility and being human. In fact, Google’s computers now read your web pages judging how “human” it really sounds. The more human, the better. SEO is now about focusing on you as the source of information. The expert or local business providing real services and products.

Your website content and how your website is coded is what now, matters most.