Free Video Series: SEO KEYWORDS PART 1

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What are keywords and the myth around them… the dangers, and the keys to being found online.

So What is a ‘Keyword?’…

A keyword is a word or phrase which best describes the concepts of a web page – not website, a single web page. When looking for information online using search engines, a person will type a word or phrase relevant to the topic they wish to find information on.

Imagine when you search for something on Google…you’d type in a relevant phrase. The phrase is the keyword the search engine will match you up with. When picking keywords you want to find the main words relevant to your topic. For example… if a person from Chicago searched for a tea house in their local area, they’d type something like “tea house chicago” into the search engine. This means that a good keyword phrase on the website for a local tea house company would be “At our Chicago tea house, we’re providing a variety of teas to the surrounding area.” so their website will appear in the results for that search.

You’ll need to elaborate on the topic, but you get the main idea.