Free Video Series: SEO KEYWORDS PART 2

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Now Keyword Frequency…

Keyword frequency refers to how often a particular keyword appears within a web page. The more frequently a keyword (or phrase) appears on a web page, the more relevance that web page is given for that keyword when it is searched in a search engine. It’s a good idea to pick the keyword or phrase which is most relevant to the page and repeat it around 3-5 times within the content on that given web page or blog article – some times less, it depends on what and how you’re writing. It is important not to use the keywords too much, preventing the copy from being readable or making the search engines think that you are trying to fool them. If that’s the case, don’t expect to be on page 1 for your keyword.

I’ll end with reading an example of what keyword stuffing is…

“I’m a San Jose chiropractor providing chiropractic services for clients in San Jose. If you’re in San Jose and need a chiropractor, then call our chiropractor office today for a chiropractic appointment. We are located in San Jose so your drive from your home in San Jose won’t take long at all. We are a San Jose chiropractor and proud of it.”

I tell our clients, you have 2 targets:
1. Your customer
2. Google

…but always put your customer first.

Write first for people, not search engines. Add your keywords in so Google knows your main point, but don’t ruin your on-page SEO like the sample above. It’s unnecessary. Don’t do it.

Again…be human, be reliable, and write for people, not search engines.