Free Video Series: SEO – Relevant, Real and Reliable Content Matters

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Relevant, real and reliable content – it makes ALL the difference…

Content matters.

In my experience in leading Lyquid Agency, I would say about 25% of business owners don’t want to write their own content for their website. They either copy it from competitors, pay someone else to write it or have virtually nothing displayed.

I hear it all the time “I’m too busy” – I understand that. We’re all busy. All the time. But what you need to understand is that your website is your 24 hour 7 days a week spoke person.

This is the first place people now go to learn about you. Wouldn’t you want your website to say what’s truly unique and great about you? Some third party won’t know that, nor will your competitors websites. You need to take the time to become a reliable resource to your website visitors, otherwise Google will penalize you for stealing content from other websites. I’ll dive into competitors information in a later video, but for now, this is about SEO and gaining better search rankings. Spinning content, paying for regurgitated copy, stealing other websites information is and will destroy your search rankings.

If you are going for a well-rounded, searchable website, takes this to heart.