Free Video Series: Transitioning to Lyquid – Hard or Easy?

By March 11, 2014Free Video Series

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Transitioning to Lyquid – Hard or Easy…?

Any change in life is difficult. You know that, I know that. It’s nothing new in our fast paced business and consumer life. Finding out that you are not with a solid website provider can not only be frustrating, but confusing as well. Especially when you initially thought you had it all. One thing to understand about websites is that it’s never concrete. You’re never locked in somewhere – unless contractually. Above all, it’s never too late to make a change.

The majority of our clients have all transitioned to us, as opposed to being first time website owners. Not one of them is displeased. That’s pretty neat to say. I’m very proud of our team and the work we do here at Lyquid.

When transitioning your website over to Lyquid, initially, we look at your current website. After you open your account with us, we’ll together review your current site and our team will begin gathering as much of your information and content off that website as possible. This ensures nothing goes missing and that you don’t have to start from scratch.

Next, we’ll review your domain situation. Mainly we need to find out if you or your website provider owns and controls the domain name you’re using. If you own it, there’s no problem, if your website provider does, you most likely have to purchase it from them or we need to find a fresh new domain for you to use.

After that, it remains quite simple. You’ll go through a phone consultation where we’ll discuss the deeper details of your website and what you’re looking for – such as which official website email addresses you’d like to have, choose a new website style from our large selection gallery, get any new information from you that you’d like to have on your Lyquid website and we’ll then get straight to work.

It’s easy. It’s fast and it’s less money. Transitioning to Lyquid is not a headache, it’s relief.