Free Video Series: Viral Marketing Website Feature

By March 11, 2014Free Video Series

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This is a super unique feature Lyquid offers. If you’re in the social media arena or just starting out and are looking for a very unique and classy way to grow your Likes, Followers or “Google Plusers”…this is the way to go.

What this unique website new feature does is “hides” special content you wish to “give away” to your visitors and requires them to “Like” you on Facebook, Follow you on Twitter and/or Google+ in order to get access to something specific on your website.

Such as a “have you liked us on Facebook? No? Well Like us today and receive a special 10% off your next service call!” Something along those lines. You can do this as an Author by saying “Have you connected with me yet? If not, choose the one network you haven’t and get a free chapter in my next book!” It’s great for any situation.

What happens when someone then likes you through your Lyquid Viral Marketing feature is that the hidden content then literally appears on their screen. By them Liking you, the hidden content is unlocked and opened.

Now this doesn’t apply to people who have already Liked or Followed you. What I mean by that is if someone already Likes your Facebook page, they cant unlock your offer through Facebook, they’d need to unlock it on Twitter. The benefit to you is now this contact can be reached through two or three of your social networks.

If you’re an existing client, jump over to our client store to view this feature more in-depth. If you choose our Social Media Elite plan, this feature is already available to you. If it’s not included in your plan, you can easily add it to your account for very little money.

Growing your likes, followers, and connections has never been easier. Stay classy, stay unique.