Free Video Series: Website Content: Getting Started

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Website Content: Why outsourcing your content is the worst and why taking the time to truly write about your company makes the difference.

This really goes back to an earlier video discussing SEO and search engine optimization techniques.

Overall, your website is your 24 hour 7 days a week spoke person. This is the first place people now go to learn about you or your company. Outsourcing to someone whether they are located in America or across the globe is setting yourself up for disaster. Wouldn’t you want your website to say what’s truly unique and great about you? Some third party won’t know that, nor will your competitors websites. You need to take the time to become a reliable resource to your website visitors.

When it comes to content creating or writing about yourself and your company, it’s okay to borrow content from competitors as long as you can reshape it and put it in your own words. I’m not promoting plagiarism; I’m giving you a realistic approach to getting a start on creating your own website content. Several people get lost in having to write about themselves or their companies. If you are one of the many that have a seriously difficult time in writing content for your website, this is an okay way to start out. Just make sure, above all, if you are going after search engine rankings, that you completely make what is written your own, using your own words, otherwise you will be penalized by Google as copying content from other websites.

Again, writing content for yourself is sometimes difficult, just remember, you only have to do it once. Most of the time, it really only takes about 30 minutes of solid writing for your entire website and you’ll be in great shape.

You’d be shocked at how fast you can write out information for your website once you start.