Free Video Series: Your Online Image Matters More Than Ever

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Image matters more than ever. What do I mean by this? I mean, your website needs to fit within the realm of new website design. It needs to look professional, it needs to be attractive, and laid out in a way that makes sense.

Those old school, cookie cutter designs companies like:

  • gd
  • sm
  • wc
  • d1
  • ylp

…and plenty more offer, will not grow your appeal. These companies are barely staying afloat with their attempt at new age web design and they continually fail to provide their customers with professional work – not to mention, ripping you off in the process.

Countless studies show that human beings instantly judge others based on two primary types of social perception — competence and warmth. If your website doesn’t fit into your industry and holds that overall together feel, visitors will leave and leave fast.

It takes less than 2 seconds for someone to decide if they will stay and give your website a shot to pull them in. You can’t please everyone, but the ones you do, are the ones who’ll you’ll have the best shot at communicating to – and ultimately selling to.