In a painfully humorous manner, we come across this service offered by our competition over at Godaddy and whom both offer this ridiculous service to their unknowing clients.

And in turn, we do, however, occasionally run into a client that was told by a secondary company about ‘Ghost Writing’ whereas we need to re-educate them, explaining why this service is a mythical disaster for your company.

Realistically, who wouldn’t LOVE the idea of someone else writing content, doing all the work, for them and representing their company!?

If you’re unfamiliar with this ‘Ghost Writing’ service, there are two separate parts to it:

1. A computer program that ‘re-writes’ your website’s content for you with the only philosophy of, “If we re-create fresh content on your website, we will increase your search engine rankings…”

2. Someone else pretending to be a marketing company, wants to represent you and writes articles for your company blog and fills in random content throughout your company’s website.

Here’s how we combat that when discussing it with a client…

Is your company generic? Is there nothing special nor any reason to use you over the competition…?

If the answer is “NO” then why would you ever consider such a service? You’re paying someone else to generate generic information about YOUR company. There could be nothing worse…Has this company or free lance writer/marketer ever worked with you? Have they spent the endless amount of hours building your company? Do they know it inside and out…? Most likely….NO.

Anyone visiting your website is going to read that text. For the most part, it will come off extremely generic and lacking. If you happen to have someone actually write something for you, then it may come off a slightly better than a computer program, however, does that person truly know what they are writing about? Is that contractor your personal spoke person? I doubt it and so will any potential customers visiting your generic website.

Stop taking the easy way out and spend 20 minutes to write something REAL and TRUE about your company. You can always pay someone (like Lyquid Agency!) to enhance, enrich and optimize the text if need be for SEO (search engine optimization) reasons, but nothing more than that.

Keep it real and keep it honest. People can smell ‘BS’ better than you might think!