GoDaddy Nearly Triples Their Pricing!?

We’re still trying to make sense of this.  The logic behind such a move is…well there is none.

GoDaddy Jacks Up Website PricingCurious what the monthly fees are?  See for yourself, click the image to the right.

As you can see, for a whopping 5-page template website, you’ll be shelling out $250/month.  If you want a site with more than 5 pages, you’ll be happy yo know, your fee just went up to $300/month!

The way I see this, GoDaddy may be trying a few things out:
  1. How many customers can they rip off every month while still providing cheap, cookie cutter, sub-par websites?
  2. Desperately scare people away from their “professional” website design and funnel these new customers into their “website builder” software.  A few things about their website builder…it goes for anywhere between $1/month to $7/month for the first year, then kicks up to full pricing.  They also provide ZERO support for the website builder clients and leave you to figure out everything.  This is great for them because everything is automated.  They do nothing, but charge the monthly fees.
  3. Or are trying to put off the delusion that they are in fact, a professional website service provider.  Like I mentioned in the last post, several business owners believe that if something costs a ton of money, then it is a solid product.  That may be the case for things such as Craftsman tools, but when it comes to marketing, especially online, that is far from true.

GoDaddy isn’t the only one guilty of gouging customers.  We make mention of the top companies, such as: YellowPages,, 1and1, and more.

When we mention our products are elite…we mean it.  We stand by what we provide you every month.

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