There is a gigantic list of reasons why you should not be using Internet Explorer, no matter which version it is.

The latest exploit, which is now acknowledged publicly by Microsoft itself, is targeting users using IE 6, IE 7, and IE 8.  Mainly anyone who still uses Windows XP and lower.

Now this is not to say that you have no options here.  While Win XP users have no option to upgrade to IE 9 or IE 10 (something you shouldn’t want to do anyways, you are free to download and use Mozilla Firefox for free.

If you don’t mind exploring the Internet and viewing websites at 25% of their functionality, then stick with Internet Explorer.  If you prefer a much more compatible,  enjoyable and SECURE web experience, than please, by all means, download and begin using Mozilla Firefox immediately.  It’s free, it’s smart to do and you’ll gain so much more for it.

To learn more about the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer issue, please click this link (you’ll be brought to cNet):

“IE flaw may allow Windows PCs to be hijacked, Microsoft warns”

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  • sam N says:

    How does microsoft help others / Does it give money to cause. If so who and how.

    • Jeff Serani | Founder says:

      I’m not really sure Microsoft actually helps people. haha

      Since windows 8 came out, I’m truly losing complete respect for Microsoft. Their prices for Office are out of this world.

      Speaking on a level for Internet Explorer. It’s a nightmare. Most people don’t realize it either. It is by far, the most insecure, dysfunctional web browser ever constructed. The sad thing is that Microsoft has never done a thing to improve this horrible product that it constantly pushes down the throats of Windows consumers. I highly recommend downloading, for free, ANY other browser. We recommend Firefox or Chrome.

  • llb443 says:

    I am deeply concerned by past Microsoft business practices and how they affected the PC industry. The taking over of Yahoo by Microsoft decreases the diversity of the web and allows Microsoft to further their governing power over the Internet. This seems to be good for Microsoft’s financial position but what about the impact on Internet and PC users worldwide?

    Can we contact the SEC and government regulators about this and would it make any difference anyway? Is this already a done deal?

  • mmminja says:

    I have a Slow Dial – up internet connection and I need the fastest Web browser available. I already have Firefox 3 and I find this slow. I also have Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 which I find extremely slow.