It’s been another wild and fun year for Lyquid!

First of all… Thank you to all our clients for their continued support in using and believing in our awesome web services!

What was new in 2014 (the main points that is)?

Some notable points about Lyquid…

  • We do not hold any term contracts with clients. If you cancel your service, there is no penalty fee.
  • Our core business website plans carry NO SETUP FEES. The only times you’ll encounter a setup fee is if you purchase any of our website add-ons or additional services, as well as launching an eCommerce website with us. Other than that, we do not charge a penny other than your normal website plan fee to begin.
  • No one is as fast as Lyquid to get your website up and running. Upon receiving all of your content for the new website, our average time to have a website ready for review is less than 7 days.
  • No one is as bold as Lyquid is to offer the quality and premium level of service we do at the low price that we do it for. We’re positioned in-between the multi-national companies such as GoDaddy and and the “cheap” services such as Weebly, Wix, Webs while providing a significantly better product. When looking at “Freelancers” and smaller web boutique firms, they simply cannot compete with our price point, expertise and support.
  • Our websites are built with both Search Engines and your visitors in mind.
  • “We listen. We Learn. We Care. We’re doing it the right way.” – Lyquid Agency
  • We’ve been in business since 2009 and are constantly growing.
  • We carry premium and eye catching designs that fit nearly everyone’s taste.
  • We offer over 450 Website styles and within those styles, another 700 sub-styles.
  • WE DO NOT OUTSOURCE…EVER! Even with our low prices, not one bit of what we offer clients is outsourced to other countries.
  • We are a great all around company. We host all our websites, we offer email address options, we offer traditional and digital marketing services and so much more.
  • With Lyquid, clients rarely need other Internet companies to achieve a great online presence.
  • People use Lyquid because we not only save them a lot of money, but we also make their business look fantastic. People get excited to show off their website once it’s launched!
  • Our process as a whole is very refined and smooth. All clients are all guided by a personal Site Manager that is their “Go To” person during the website build process.
  • Every client gets their business information placed on our 2 exclusive business directories as well as our soon to be launched, “Deals website.”
  • Our products are more appealing and effective than competitors. When we go to develop a new website feature or client service, we do it in a way of asking ourselves, “What would we want to do and how would we want it to look?” In fact you can see several of our add-ons used on many our company websites!
  • We do not take advantage of our clientele. Period. Unfortunately in many business industries, there are a handful of deceptive companies that prey on people who do not know what to watch out for, simply due to their own ignorance. This is not the fault of any one person. We as workers are not meant to know and understand the “ins and outs” of each and every industry. No one can possess that level of knowledge and understanding. In the case of Internet companies, many choose to take advantage of business owners looking to get online, essentially charging them exorbitant fees, convincing people they must spend a ton of money otherwise they won’t get anywhere in life. This is not the case! You do not need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to achieve greatness online.

What’s coming up for clients?

  • Two exclusive Lyquid Business Directories
  • One exclusive Lyquid Deals website
  • An “in house” and “in website” newsletter email service
  • A highly advanced website calendar which will also allow for you to sell tickets to upcoming events.
  • Continued advanced features for both our eCommerce Websites as well as our core Business Websites
  • Continued launch of specialty “niche” websites
  • And Much More!!!

As a client, keep an eye out for more and more awesome features and services to be released.

If you haven’t yet made the jump over to Lyquid, make sure you get in touch soon! Don’t miss out on all the incredible things that make up Lyquid Agency!