Lyquid Agency: 2015, A Year In Review

Making sure your business functions better and looks awesome is our business.  It’s what we live for.  We spent the last year revamping our company on several levels, placing great focus on tools and better website systems for new and existing clients.

As always, we thank you for your continued faith and belief that Lyquid is “the” web company for you!


Throughout 2015, we’ve completed the following:

  • Launched a fresh new company website detailing all the great tools and features Lyquid Agency now provides.
  • Built and launched the Lyquid PR Toolkit – network website package.
  • Launched two new Advanced Business Website Plans that carry an amazing savings and set of tools.
  • Launched a special Start-up Business Website Program.
  • Added several new specialized SEO tools, marketing services, email address packages and options.
  • Launched an in-depth, transparent course and recipe for understanding and managing your website’s and company’s SEO efforts online.
  • Published our fresh new “Weekly Promotional Drawing” for new clientele to enter.
  • Teamed up with a well-known financial company in order to bridge the gap between businesses needing additional funding and those offering such.
  • Several new and improved videos explain who and what Lyquid Agency is, how we help and what we stand for.
  • Honed in and redefined our service and tool functions, further understanding who we are internally, including officially writing out our ever evolving core company values.
  • Launched two new and improved Referral Partner programs!

Our next (very soon) upcoming 2016 resolution is to launch our own social media updates (at last!).  We decided that as a company, we want to have our own personality – we want to have opinions, we want to push out lessons we’ve learned throughout the years of building Lyquid.  For years now, we’ve remained quite silent on social networks and that’s about to change!

Some notable points about Lyquid…

  • Our average time to have a website ready for review is less than 7 days once we receive your content.
  • No one is as bold as and as confident as Lyquid is to offer the quality and premium level of service we do at the low price that we do it for. Our take is we’d rather help more companies achieve premium websites and feel great at the same time as opposed to requiring enormous fees for ‘shotty’ work.
  •  “We listen. We Learn. We Care.” – Lyquid Agency
  • We carry premium and eye catching designs that fit nearly everyone’s taste.
  • WE DO NOT OUTSOURCE…EVER! Even with our low prices, not one bit of what we offer clients is outsourced to other countries.
  • Our process as a whole is very refined and smooth. All clients are all guided by a personal Site Manager that is their “Go To” person during the website build process.

If you haven’t yet made the jump over to Lyquid, make sure you get in touch soon! Don’t miss out on all the incredible things that make up Lyquid Agency!