Our Client Referral Program is straight forward and simple to take part in.

You need no closing skills whatsoever. In fact, we find that being honest and telling them you have no clue about websites, but that Lyquid has all the answers they need, is the best approach. We consult, close and setup all your referrals for you. All you need to do is send them our way and we take care of the rest. After three (3) referrals, you receive an entire month free. Pretty sweet deal!

Sign up for our program. We’ll get you on our books and begin tracking your referrals. You’ll be notified as each referral opens an account. Once you hit three (3) referrals, the next month is waived!

Program Details:
  • 1. Refer new clients to Lyquid Agency.
  • 2. Upon referring three (3) clients who pay through their second month, you get one (1) free month for your website (ranges from $52 – $84 payout)
  • 3. All Lyquid Agency clients qualify for this program!
  • 4. Make sure your referrals mention your name and website. We’ll ask during our phone interview with them. If they happen to miss mentioning it in the beginning, no worries, a referred credit can be claimed in the first two (2) months of their account being opened.

Financial Professionals

Say you’re in the financial industry. Close your client, getting paid on your main source of income.

Afterwards shoot an email or call them up saying “Hey, I know you’re looking to grow your business, which includes your online appeal. Check out Lyquid Agency. We use them and love their work, pricing, speed, etc.”

This shows your care about their business success, building further credibility in your company.

Business Consultants

Let’s say your a business consultant. Similar situation, but consult them on using Lyquid as their website provider.

“Let’s work on building up your brand image. Lyquid Agency offer’s powerful website packages and features at rates well below the industry standard.”

Work with your clients, building their companies while you get paid from both sides. Your client + Lyquid Agency. It’s win win.

Business Owners

Perhaps you’re a baker delivering pies to local businesses or apart of a local business chamber or association. Again, similar situation.

As a business owner, mention how easy, affordable and stress free using Lyquid Agency is. How we’ve worked so fast for you, turning around your company’s image.

You already love using Lyquid, so why not save even more money!