There isn’t a company or process out there that devotes the amount of time Lyquid Agency does to both prospective and current clients. We’re proud to say that.

Our Process is Simple

You’re welcome to have an initial consultation or two where you, along with a Lyquid Site Manager, can discuss anything on your mind as you decide whether or not to jump on board with our services.

Through your consultation, you can be assisted with putting an initial game plan together for your website, discuss pricing options, website features, and more.

There isn’t a next best thing…

Upon opening your account, you’ll be assigned a personal Site Manager that will guide you through our entire website build process.

Your Site Manager will set you up with one of our premium website styles at which time both you and your Site Manager will also go through the Client Worksheet together. This is where we’ll gather the initial info we need from you. After that, all you need to do is send over the content you wish to display on your website and we’ll get straight to work!

Your initial website will be ready for review in an average time of 2-5 business days. The time frame is unheard of in our industry!

During your initial website review, if there are any tweaks or additions you’d like us to make, we’ll quickly take care of it. Or if the website is in great shape, you’re good to go. Soon after, you’ll be assigned your own website account where you can freely edit and add information throughout your site.

Our process and pricing makes your life extra easy!

As stated in a previous article of ours, “Gone are the days you need to be spending a heavy upfront “design fee.” This mainly includes the small web boutique firms and freelance web designers. If someone is telling you that the cost up front is $450, $750, $1,500, or even $2,000+, then walk away. It is NOT worth your money or time to be using their service.”

Here’s a few of our videos:

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[content_box style=”cool-blue” title=”Why Affordable Websites?”]
[content_box style=”cool-blue” title=”Our Website Plans”]
[content_box style=”cool-blue” title=”SEO in 2014″]
[content_box style=”cool-blue” title=”Lyquid’s Sales Stance”]
[content_box style=”cool-blue” title=”The Marketplace: Price”]

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