Even in 2014, websites are severely misunderstood “things.”

We help a lot of business owners in industries that span the United States (including a small handful of international businesses) – including people whom simply just want a website for their personal needs. While websites are much more accepted in the present day, a large part of the population fears them.

Websites are no longer a “thing.” Websites are part of your business foundation.

The problem that many people still have though, is that a significant part of the population is still well behind the times. Now, that is completely okay if that is your personal choice, but when it starts to affect your income – even if you can’t see it, you run a risk whereas things need to be updated and changed.

For example, still to this day, several people use free services that simply do not cut it in a business world. These services may include the following: Blogger, Weebly, Wix, Google, Yahoo, GoDaddy Website Builder, among others. Some business owners still utilize “old school” basic HTML websites that lack crucial functionality, among other important elements.

With both situations, many websites lack functional and visual appeal. As bad as it is to say, image matters online. If your website is tacky, outdated, uses a harsh color scheme that makes text and content difficult to view, people will quickly bounce off of your website, choosing your competition.

We want the complete opposite for you. We want your visitors and prospective customers to choose YOU! We want your website to have that visual appeal that keeps people interested. And we want to keep the cost to the point of it not even becoming a thought in your mind.

For many people, a website is the sole foundation to their business. If you’re out in the world selling freelance services, consulting, selling loans, etc. your website, is your golden key to gaining the credibility and trust you need from your clients.

Keep this in mind… as mentioned above, a significant amount of the population is well behind the times when it comes to their website. Why is this great for you? Because that means if you step it up, you’ll not only be ahead of the game, but also, looking and functioning much better than most of your competition.

A professional website is in every way…worth it.

Choose a website plan that best fits your needs.


Speak with a Site Manager that will truly listen and learn about your business, providing you with an honest and “non-pushy” recommendation of how you can succeed.

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