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OPTION #1 Commission Structure (recommended)

Option #1 is a 15% commission for the entire first initial payment made by referral with a 5% bonus based on 6 months of service after a referral passes 12 months of holding an active account in good standing with Company.  This 5% bonus commission is paid at the end of each year if your referral stays with Lyquid the entire year without accounts problems.  This 5% bonus commission is calculated on all qualified referral’s recurring services and tools chosen at the time of referral’s account creation.  Commission is calculated on fees paid in full by referral after a holding period of 90 days.  The bonus 5% commission is paid to you every year for the life of the referral’s account as long as referral’s account remains in good standing for each full 12 month period.

OPTION #2 Commission Structure

Option #2 is an ongoing 10% commission based on the ongoing core website plan payments with no bonus or upfront commission on the total sale.  This 10% commission is paid at the end of the month following the payment holding period of 90 days.  If referral pays quarterly, biannual or annual, commission will still be paid at the end of each month, however the 10% commission will be calculated on what each month breakdown cost is for referral’s account.

You receive commission on the account subscription price as listed on our web package pricing pages (Core Plans, Advanced Plans, eCommerce Plans). We do not provide commissions on support overages, special setup fees, services added after the initial sale. Your commissions generate as long as the client has an open account with us and is current on their subscription payment.