Frequently Asked Questions

We make partner commission payments between the 15th and end of each month pending that you have met our $100 threshold the month prior, we have your valid PayPal address on file, and we have your completed W-9 Form on file.

We are happy to send you a W-9 form to fill out, just contact our Support team. You can also download one online here.

You can contact our Partner Management team by emailing

We don’t subtract your commissions from your monthly Lyquid subscription fee, so while you will still be paying for your account, the commissions you receive each month will eventually cover that cost once you refer a certain amount of clients.

Commission Options:

OPTION #1 Commission Structure (recommended)

Option #1 is a 15% commission for the entire first initial payment made by referral with a 5% bonus based on 6 months of service after a referral passes 12 months of holding an active account in good standing with Lyquid.  The 5% bonus commission is paid at the end of each year if your referral stays with Lyquid the entire year without account problems.  The 5% bonus commission is calculated on all qualified referral’s recurring services and tools chosen at the time of referral’s account creation.  Initial commission is calculated on fees paid in full by referral after a holding period of 90 days.  The bonus 5% commission is paid to you every year for the life of the referral’s account as long as your referral’s account remains in good standing for each full 12 month period.

OPTION #2 Commission Structure

Option #2 is an ongoing 10% commission based on the ongoing core website plan payments with no bonus or upfront commission on the total sale.  This 10% commission is paid between the mid to end of the following month payment is processed following the initial payment/account holding period of 90 days upon account creation.  If referral pays quarterly, biannual or annual, commission will still be paid at the mid to end of each month, however the 10% commission will be calculated on what each month breakdown cost is for your referral’s account.

You receive commission on the account subscription price as listed on our web package pricing pages (Core Plans, Advanced Plans, eCommerce Plans). We do not provide commissions on support overages, special setup fees, services added after the initial sale. Your commissions generate as long as the client has an open account with us and is current on their subscription payments.

We track leads and sales through the Partner links that you find within the Partner Center as well as via confirmed source from your referral. Those Partner links contain cookies which track your referrals. You can also direct people straight to your Partner Program manager whereas you’ll receive full credit for all direct referrals as well.

A qualified sale is any customer who makes a purchase of a commissionable service through your Partner link or by direct referral. Keep in mind that customers who open an account must make it past their 90-day trial before their referrer will receive commission for that sale.

You can get your Partner links by logging into our Partner Dashboard and viewing the promotional tools.

No. Your commissions will be paid via PayPal to the address you have on file.  As a bonus, if you refer a consistent 3 quality referrals every month (quality are ones who maintain active accounts without issues for long periods of time), we will provide you with a special discount on your LYQUID web plan as long as you continue to meet the minimum 3 referral amount each month.

Please log into the Partner Dashboard to see this information. Under the Referrals tab, you’ll be able to see the commissions you’ve earned over time.

Check the Status of Your Referral Commission

Please visit your Partner Dashboard to see this information.

Here are the steps to placing a Partner link on your website and or in your emails:

  1. Log in to the Partner Dashboard.
  2. In the “Creatives” tools tab, you can view the variety of Partner links and banners that we offer. Just copy all of the HTML code of the banner you’d like to use.
  3. In the source code of the web page you’d like to add the banner to, paste the HTML code.
  4. Now, anytime a click-through from your new link results in a purchase of one of our commissionable services, you will receive a commission for that sale!

If you want to promote Lyquid as a direct link, such as in an email, on social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc, you can get your personal Partner Affiliate Link on the first tools tab of the Partner Center located HERE.

You may also request your link, including the latest specialty landing page to send your referrals to by emailing

Simply copy and paste the link anywhere you’d like to start generating sales!

Partner Creative Banners Example
Get Your Personal Partner Affiliate Link

Please email and provide us with the name and/or email address that they signed up with and our team will look into this further.

Please ensure that we have your PayPal address on file to send the payments to and your W-9 on file. If you live outside the United States, please contact our team at; we’ll need to ask you a few questions.

We send our Partner payments via PayPal so make sure your PayPal address is on file by logging into your Partner Dashboard and updating your PayPal address in the “Settings” tab within the Partner Dashboard. The $100 must have been accrued by the previous month, as we pay out commissions monthly after the 15th of each month for the balance of the previous months. If a commission since then has put you over the threshold, the payment will come through the following month to the PayPal address we have on file.

Commissions show up in your Partner Dashboard after the billing date for the customer and after payment is collected from them. It may be that the most recent charge went into collections, there is a dispute, the account has been closed, including a variety of other reasons. If you know the name and email address of the person you referred, please let us know and we’d be happy to look into it.

You will not be notified when you make a sale but we do allow for automated email notifications to be sent to you when we reward you with a commission. You will only see that information in the Partner Dashboard.  To receive email notifications of commissions being rewarded to you, please log into the Partner Dashboard, clicking on the Settings tab and checkmarking the option titled “Enable New Referral Notifications.”

We pay commissions by last referrer, so the Partner that referred that person most recently will receive the sale.

Click here to view the LYQUID Partner Program Terms and Conditions.

Please feel free to contact our Partner Management team with any questions or concerns by emailing

If you live outside of the United States please answer the following questions and send your response to

  1. Are you a U.S. citizen or have dual citizenship (including the U.S.)?
  2. Do you have a U.S. Green card?
  3. Were you physically present in the U.S. for more than 183 days in 2015, 2014 and 2013 (total # of days in the U.S., taking all three years into consideration)?
  4. Did you physically work in the U.S. for any period of time in 2015?

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