Google is now accelerating their massive encryption project despite resistance from agencies wishing to snoop on your personal information.

This is a great step forward and one you should make note of.

While few argue that Google itself abuses your information by

reading your emails and displaying personalized ads within your account, the Pros greatly outweigh the Cons.

Google is the only company investing a significant amount of time, money and expertise into doing it’s part to protect your information online.  What they are working on is a new and more secure way to protect and encrypt your data while it is both on their servers and during transit (to and from your inbox).

While all tech companies are claiming they are not releasing your data to the government and how much they care for your information, Google is the only one actually taking a proactive stance against the questionable practice be means of technology.

Not only is Google taking a stand to do it’s part in protecting you online, here are other positive reasons we recommend you use Google’s Gmail:

  • Streams flawlessly with your Lyquid Agency website.
  • Easy to use
  • Communicate with your clients using your smart phone, computer or tablet!  For example, when we setup and configure your email addresses, you’re able to use your professional website email accounts using any Gmail account!  Sure it sounds confusing, but no need to worry, we set it all up for you!
  • Widely understood interface
  • Minor drawbacks
  • Free POP and IMAP activation

Make your life easier online.  Grab a professional Lyquid Agency website, a free Google Gmail account and begin to grow your presence online with ease!

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