Small Business Websites | Prevent Disaster

Hacking is happening more than ever before and website security is far more important than you may think.

Here is an excerpt post on USA Today:

“The Hackers News Bulletin has tallied a list of more than 600 sites defaced on Tuesday as part of OpUSA, the planned DDoS attack set in motion by Anonymous to disrupt U.S. agencies and financial firms….

CT: The big takeaway?

Shulman: If you are a business with a web presence, you are going to be an attack target, regardless of your size. If you’re not going to take appropriate measures, it’s likely you’re going down, and it is going to hurt.

CT: Anything else?

Shulman: Small businesses need to find the solution that fits their size. Be it application security through their host provider, or a cloud-based application security solution, there is a variety of options. Businesses should choose the one that is right for their size and budget.”

Most small businesses take this for granted when seeking out a website provider.  Many business owners call on providers such as GoDaddy,, YellowPages, among several others to supply their websites.  The mentality is that if highly marketed corporation supplies their website and the website pricing is highly expensive, then they will be in good hands.


Security is the absolute last thing these companies are thinking about when charging your credit card those insane fees each month for their sub-par services.

At Lyquid Agency, your website security is among our top concerns.  We implement highly aggressive security programs that work around the clock to protect and prevent such devastation to your business website.  This is our standard protocol and it integrated with your business website at no cost to you.

For all existing clientele, we provide the option to add our “Peace of Mind Assurance Plan” to your account at any time.  What this “insurance plan” takes care of is priceless.  Depending on the plan you choose, we will automatically create weekly or monthly backups of your entire website.

This means that if you have a blog, news feed, photos displayed, etc., your hard work will be frequently backed up. In the event of a hacker targeting your website, defacing your site in any way and dropping in highly dangerous and malicious code inside, you need not worry.  Simply contact us and we will completely wipe out the threat, migrate your most recent website backup online, configure your files and within a few hours, you will be back up and running as if nothing ever happened!  Depending on your plan, the worst case, you might loose your most recent website additions made since the latest backup.  To escape that minimal loss, make sure to save your blog posts as a text file on your computer or your email account and recreate the post after we re-configure your website.  Within minutes, you’ll be good-to-go!

As with any insurance plan, you never know when you’ll actually need it.  Saying that, I bet those small businesses that were hacked Tuesday wish they had increased website security and backups of their website!

Speak with one of our Site Managers today to discuss transitioning your small business website over to Lyquid Agency.