We all want to be found online. We all want to grow our businesses.

What’s one of the most crucial aspects Lyquid Agency offers that everyone here recommends you do…?

Posting News Updates and Articles!

With every website package Lyquid Agency offers, we include the option to have a professionally integrated and functioning blog (or News Section). This is completely free to you. We setup, configure and develop everything for you so once your site if launched, right out of the box, you are fully ready to rock online!

Here is our “cliff notes” mini recipe for blogging success with small businesses:

  • Write a list of 10-50 keywords or keyword phrases you’d like to target (view our free video series for more information on this topic. Keywords Part 1 | Keywords Part 2
  • Over time, write and publish 3-5 blog posts for each keyword or keyword phrase. Stay consistent with your schedule.
  • Keep your blog posts a minimum of 350 words in length (use a text editor such as Microsoft Word to count your words written)
  • When writing a blog post, repeat and/or use your targeted keyword or keyword phrase 3-5 times throughout your post. You MUST make the post relevant and not junk – do NOT keyword stuff your blog posts! You’ll be penalized by search engines. View our free video: Keywords Part 2 – for more information about keyword stuffing and frequency.
  • Be sure to keep each blog post about 1 keyword or keyword phrase at a time. You’re targeting one aspect at once, you don’t want to throw other keywords in unless it completely relates to your blog subject matter or helps make the article come together better.
  • This is your free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) investment. We offer additional SEO features such as our Lyquid SEO Boost or our Search Engine Plus website package, however, if you have chosen our Business Select website plan, you can still take great advantage of this strategy without adding another dime to your spending.

Remember to stay as consistent as you can in regards to posting information. If you can post something once a week, do that or if you can post something every other week, commit to that schedule. This doesn’t mean you can’t randomly post something on your site. What I mean, is keep the core News Posts (that target your keywords) to a consistent schedule and use the random postings for various aspects such as quick notes or “Hey, we’ll be at next weeks trade show, come stop by!”