US Dept of Homeland Security: Stop Using Internet Explorer!

Internet Explorer is and has always been the absolute worse Internet browser available. The Dept. of Homeland Security has just announced and are requesting the public to stop using Internet Explorer (versions IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 and the newest IE11) until Microsoft fixes severe security problems within their software.

This is nothing new at all. The lacking Internet Explorer is no stranger to security problems. For years, this browser has made it’s users vulnerable, which in turn, makes their own computers slaves to criminal hackers. I’m sure it’s safe to say we have all at one point, dealt with a computer virus that has ruined our computers and the data we wish we could have back.

Internet Explorer is not just unsafe in a security way, but it’s also every website providers nightmare. The browser is widely known to be significantly incompatible and unable to display and function correctly on a large portion of websites available today. This means that anyone using Internet Explorer misses out on new features and advances in web technology across the Internet. They in turn, can only view stripped down versions of websites online without ever knowing it’s happening.

Just like the announcement today, we ask that you seek use of a more stable, more secure browsing platform to use in your daily life. The two browsers we recommend (and use ourselves) are Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome (download icons/links are below).

Changing to a new browser can be difficult, confusing and frustrating. Understand though, that it’s necessary for your security online and that once you make the switch, your life will be much easier and secure online. You might be asking right now, “Well, what about all my bookmarks to my favorite websites?” – No problem. You can export your Internet Explorer bookmarks and import them directly into both Firefox and Chrome during your installation (or post installation – whatever you choose).

If you reject the idea of using a different Internet browser, at the very least, keep your version of Internet Explorer fully updated at all times. There is still a large portion of people that continue to use old versions of the software (such as IE7, IE8, IE9 and IE10). You can upgrade your Internet Explorer within the browser itself.

For safer options, you can download Mozilla Firefox and/or Google Chrome here:

(click either or both icons to be brought to the download pages for each)

Download Mozilla Firefox
Download Google Chrome