Lyquid Agency’s Support and Phone Policy

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Lyquid Agency Support and Phone Policy

Topics Covered:

  • Support Time
  • Discussions with Site Managers
  • Coaching and Consultation Appointments
  • Missed Appointment Policy
  • Website Overview and Quoting Policy

Support Time:
If you have chosen to add our ongoing support to your account, or it is included within your service plan, Lyquid allows for 30 minutes of free Professional Support each month which is currently supported via email only. This time does not “roll over” and is kept strictly to 30 minutes each month. Support time is only calculated when our team performs work on your website as well as answering in-depth questions about your website. This includes if you contact your Site Manager for consultative assistance. Basic questions regarding how to work on your website or other tools available from Lyquid are not counted against this allotted time. In most cases, the Support Team does not provide email consultation above general support directly related to your website.

If you hit 30 support minutes at any given time, you will be required to purchase additional Support Time and/or Consultation time as needed.

Stay up to date with our support hours and availability.

Discussions with Site Managers:
From time to time, clients choose to contact their original Site Manager they were assigned to during the initial website build to help consult them on a variety of topics which may include billing support, general website assistance, guidance, consultation and more.

Please note that Site Managers are mainly available during website builds, website redesigns, to discuss additional website features and private coaching and consultation only. Due to time constraints; Site Managers are not able to provide general ongoing website assistance and billing support.

If you would like to discuss your business website with a Site Manager, the allotted support time of 30 minutes will be counted towards this phone call. As with our current policy, upon utilizing the allotted 30 minutes each month of support, time passed that is currently charged at $35 per 30 minutes, whether it is support related or questions on how to perform better with your website.

Coaching and Consultation Appointments:
All clients are welcome to setup a consultation appointment with a Site Manager, in which our Expert Coaching and Consultation service is billed at $85/hr. Coaching and Consultation appointments include anything that is beyond the ordinary discussion of general support (such consultation items may include brainstorming new features for your website, third party services that may assist your business, business goals and plans, SEO strategies, marketing strategies and more).

Missed Appointment Policy:
Unfortunately, appointments may be missed. If an appointment is missed by a client, the allotted 30 minutes will be charged against the monthly support time. If support time is already spent for the month, a minimum charge of $35 per call will automatically be charged to the account. For an Expert Coaching and Consultation appointment, the missed appointment fee would be that of one hour of time and will be automatically charged at $85. If a Site Manager with Lyquid Agency misses an appointment without providing clear communication, clients account will be credited $35 for the missed appointment or $85 for an Expert Coaching and Consultation appointment. Appointments are considered “missed” if either person is unable to reach the other within 15 minutes passed the appointment time.

A minimum 24 hour cancellation notice via email is fully acceptable to avoid any missed appointment fee.

Website Overview and Quoting Policy:
Clients that are discussing new add-ons to be integrated with their website and/or a website redesign and website upgrade, no time or fees will be charged up to the point of receiving a quoted fee for the services at which time any further discussions and appointments will be in line with the above appointment time and fee structure, which includes missed appointment fees.

If you are a current or prospective client and receive a quote or website overview for your new or existing website, you are able to accept the plans in which we proceed or if you would like to discuss the plans further, a retainer in the amount of 15% of the quoted amount will be charged accordingly. Upon initiating the plans, the retainer fee will be deducted from the initial costs.