Thanks to the media and Microsoft, people are taking to “The Cloud” more than ever before.  The problem is that none of these people have any clue about the vulnerabilities that they freely opened themselves up to.  Actually, not freely, they are PAYING for it!

Think about it…Imagine paying a company your money that exposes your private data, personal and company information.  As much as the provider (at first, it was just Microsoft), claims it’s secure from any outside attacks, you must realize, that’s not true.

In the words of Chandler Bing from the TV show Friends, “Could you BE anymore gullible?”

Are you secure? NO, you’re not. Is your data safe? Absolutely not.

You want my proof..?   Mega Upload.   Google it.  In early 2012, the United States government illegally shut down and took over that website over piracy issues.  Millions upon millions of subscribers were paying Mega Upload to store their secure data, company files, you name it.  Since the take-down, not one single customer was able to access their account and retrieve the data they thought was securely held for as long as they paid for it.  To go ever further, the hosting company that Mega Upload was paying gobs of money to threatened to shut down storage service.  Upon that happening, your data isn’t just none accessible, it’s DELETED.  Gone.  No More.

Mega Upload also has access to all this data as well, meaning they can spy on any one customer they see fit.  And they are for that matter.  Since the government take-down, they are going through their customer list finding loads of government accounts.  So in other words, you’re account is never secure, anyone with hacking experience can break it, the provider itself can access your files as they see fit and if something ever goes wrong (which it happens every day), you can lose everything.

To sum this Mega Upload example up, these customers trusted in the Cloud, thought they were secure, and thought their data would not be tampered with.   They could not be more incorrect.

Still to this day, no one has access to their data.

I’m not going to discuss how those systems work at this time (mainly because this article would be longer than the dictionary).   All I can say is, stop using the Cloud!  If you have certain information that is NOT sensitive, not important and already backed up at home, then fine.  For anything else, do not EVER consider such a service.  It’s insanity at to the max.

What I suggest and what I have my company do is back up everything at home on external hard drives. But to go even further, at minimum, have a back up of a back up. Keep each set of hard drives in a separate, private location. Bank vaults may work for your situation and are a nice spot to choose. You must take care of your external hard drive as if it’s more delicate than a new born baby.

So don’t use The Cloud.  Carry around an 8-16gb flash drive and you’ll be set.  Don’t expose yourself or your client’s private information by subscribing to nonsense.

Ditch the Cloud and come back to Earth.

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  • Jairo says:

    The sun burns off 700 billion tonnes a second so wouldn’t the sun be so huge billions of years ago when life on earth began that it would be inhospitable to life?

    • Jeff Serani | Founder says:

      That’s quite interesting. A little different topic then computer data storage online! Studies do show that billions of years into the future, the sun will run out of energy and essentially shut down. So I would assume that your point does carry some weight to it.