Additional Business Industry Types

Lyquid caters to all sorts of businesses - new and existing.

While we highlight a handful of business industries, we by no means limit ourselves to such. Lyquid Agency makes a point to cater to as many business types as possible. You may be a salon owner, or freelance stylist, local government needing a new police or fire department website, an art gallery, a furniture maker, dance club, security installers, arts and crafts shop, martial arts instruction, gymnastics school, certified organizer, digital personal assistant, a business consultation firm – the list goes on and on!  As you can tell, industries range quite a bit and we exist to support and supply business websites to any and all small to mid-sized businesses.

Overall, we welcome to you to reach out. We are more than happy to jump on the phone to discuss your unique business, your current status and where you’d like to go with your website image and company branding.


Awesome things you can do with your website!

Raise the bar with your competitors

  • Show off your company News
  • Highlight your services
  • Online Sales (eCommerce Plans)
  • Display attractive web forms
  • Display and Stream Videos
  • Grab attention with Photos
  • Gain recognition with our beautiful website styles
  • Add/edit new content on the fly
  • We’re always by your side
  • Full Support Team
  • Expert Site Manager
starting at $37/mo

Get Started!

...I was a little worried that I was going to invest all this time and money and still not have what I wanted and that wasn’t the case at all. They had my website up in just a few days...


...I felt like the site manager was phenomenal helping me through the process and my site looks great and I love that I’m saving $75 a month. Thank you again and I would highly recommend this company...


...Overall you guys took the stress off my shoulders and made everything a breeze. If you’re looking for a website give these guys a call. You will not be disappointed. They offer A+ customer service...


The Lyquid Advantage:

  • Best Pricing
  • Greatest Support
  • Elite Designs
  • Easy to Use
  • Top Notch Functionality
  • Appeal To More Clients!