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Entertaining the public is not an easy task, especially as it may come to sharing your talent and taste.

With so much of society based on image vs appeal, you’re “look” must speak to your fans even when you cannot.  It needs to easily promote your act, your music, your art, your videos, tour dates, and more.

Your fans should be able to easily find you when typing in your name. They should be met with all that awesome content they came to check out, answering those questions on when they can see you next.  Your website should pull together all your social network accounts and make things easy on your as it comes to sharing your news and updates.

Lyquid Agency provides well-crafted, stellar websites for all sorts of independent and signed entertainment acts. It’s our job to make sure your website looks great and stays online.  We typically say, the better you do, the more happy we are.

As creatives ourselves, we know many in the entertainment industry have a tough time when it comes to making these sorts of decisions, but rest assured, we never push you into doing anything that doesn’t make sense for you and that doesn’t fit your budget.  We’re easy and fun to talk to and in the end, we want that you’re proud to show yourself off online.

There’s awesome things you can do with your website!

And we're serving nearly all entertainment types!

  • Mainstream and Event (Wedding) DJs
  • Solo Artist
  • Bands (Indie and Repped)
  • Festival Groups
  • Magicians
  • Any entertainment act!

Get the safety net you need while looking the part!

  • Show off your news & updates
  • Highlight your services
  • Display Photos and Stream Videos
  • Gain recognition with our beautiful website styles
  • Add/edit new content on the fly
  • We’re always by your side
  • Full Support Team
  • Expert Site Manager

Starting at $37/mo

...I was a little worried that I was going to invest all this time and money and still not have what I wanted and that wasn’t the case at all. They had my website up in just a few days...


...I felt like the site manager was phenomenal helping me through the process and my site looks great and I love that I’m saving $75 a month. Thank you again and I would highly recommend this company...


...Overall you guys took the stress off my shoulders and made everything a breeze. If you’re looking for a website give these guys a call. You will not be disappointed. They offer A+ customer service...