Keeping Your Website Secured and Protected


Lyquid Agency works hard to provide the secure websites. We offer powerful account login security, Captcha (security word verification) on most lead capture forms, script blocking, bad query restrictions, integrated login access, and much more with every website we provide.

While it is impossible to guarantee any website impenetrable from online hackers, we always work hard to continually protect your website from unauthorized access.

As a base, we include a heavy amount of strong security measures. To take your protection further, we offer several additional security protection options as well as out Piece of Mind Assurance Plan as a stellar disaster preventative service that you can add to your account at any time. This additional feature makes a full backup of your website either weekly or monthly. If by chance your website is ever hacked and destroyed, we simply will refer and configure your website according to the most recent backup, making your loss of data minimal and stress free. For more information, you may speak with your Site Manager, our Support Team or simply add this feature from within your Client Account.

*** The two most common problems that any website encounters online are providing your password to others and phishing attacks via web forms located on a website. You will know immediately if an email you receive from your website is suspicious or not. Captcha does a great deal to deter and put a stop to computer programs crawling the Internet seeking out contact forms, however, humans have taken over this task by physically submitting phishing attack scripts via website forms.

Never click on ANY links you receive via email from your website. Especially, if the email looks suspicious. If you are unsure whether or not you have received a dangerous email, you may always forward the email to our Support Team with a note asking to verify the safety of the links. ***