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Hi, We’re Lyquid.

We know it’s tough trying to find a talented (and dependable) business website service. After a while, they all start to look and sound the same, don’t they? If you’ve got a few minutes, we’d like to tell you how we do things a bit differently.

We know what works

You’re probably looking for something that’s clean, modern, and professional. Something that’s easy to use and easy to update. A website that’s easily found in the major search engines (Google), and will speak for your business when you cannot. We’ve been designing & developing business websites for a variety of industries since 2009, and we’re always looking for the next new challenge.

We’re not a DIY service… we build everything for you up front so you don’t have to figure it all out.

What’s involved?

Content management systems, platforms, responsive design, SEO, content strategy, social media… Whoa. Calm down. We know that there’s a lot to take in, especially if you’re not familiar with all that the web has to offer. Fortunately, we have a flexible approach and process that allows us to build everything you’ll actually need from the ground up.

How about we work together?

We have our people, and you have yours. If we combine our efforts, we can take your knowledge of your business and our knowledge of the web and create something pretty awesome.

You should know that we follow a flexible process. It has guided us to launch countless website redesign and 100% newly launched projects. If there’s ever a need for guidance, consultation or assistance, you’ll never have a problem communicating with us because the vast majority of our entire staff are highly experienced and professional. We can start from scratch, or repurpose your existing content into something more user-friendly. Whatever your needs, we’ll either make it happen or point you in the right direction.

How much will it cost?

We take a very transparent approach. If you’ve been shopping around, you’ve no doubt noticed that nearly every freelancer (‘web guys’), small boutique web firms, and many large scale corporations completely hide their pricing. Why? To force you into their sales funnel. We don’t take this approach. We’re confident in what we offer, your options and are happy to be open to the costs involved. And as it comes to cost – it’s unlikely you’ll find what we offer elsewhere at a lower price.

Know that we’ll work very closely with you or your team to craft a professional and best-in-class experience that will solve your online business problem. How much is that worth to you?

Are we a good fit?

You never know. We’re looking for clients that appreciate collaboration, attractive design and want to build and maintain a long lasting partnership. If that sounds like you, then let’s connect, and take the next step.

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In the meantime, get started by learning of your options. As you’ll see, we’ve divided business online needs into four categories.