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I was shocked by the way they knocked out the websites quick and I needed that because some of it is passive income for me. It’s not just for fun, even though I enjoy these websites, I also wanted that customer service, the good prices, etc and Lyquid Agency provides it. I can’t thank Lyquid enough. They did a fantastic job for me and I’m loving my websites.

JohnEx Fire-fighter turned Businessman

I’m paying a little more than I originally had planned but at the end of the day it is so worth it because now I have this awesome website and I have this team that can help me if I need changes or if I need advice - they’re there to help me. There was no stress involved I was a little worried that I was going to invest all this time and money and still not have what I wanted and that wasn’t the case at all. With them, they had my website up in just a few days and again there support staff was amazing and helped me though the whole process.

NicoleReal Estate Pro

Overall you guys took the stress off my shoulders and made everything a breeze. I want to thank you guys and also if you're looking for a website, give these guys a call or go to their website and check them out. You will not be disappointed. They offer A+ customer service and they offer A+ design. I’m sure you’ll love it, just like I did. Thank you very much.

JasonSmall Business Owner
We’re Here for YOU.

We bring consistency, quality and style!

Below, you will find a list of commonly asked questions we've received over the years. If by chance you have additional questions that come to mind, you are more than welcome to contact us directly, by emailing: support@lyquidagency.com

(FAQs are broken into separate sections below: General, Business Websites, Targeted Ads)

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General Company FAQs

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What’s your pre-sales client experience like?
We dive straight in and get to know you, your goals, your vision, where you’re currently at and where you’d like to be. We learn about the various marketing methods you’re conducting, how you typically communicate on the web, etc.

After that, we get into how we can help you. At Lyquid, everything starts with you. We identify ways in which we can help enhance your current foundation (if applicable). While we could simply focus on what we provide and keep it to that, we are firm believers that if we don’t truly understand and learn about you and your company, we cannot effectively help guide you to the next step in your journey.
How does your website pricing model work?
Over the years, we've experimented a lot. With Lyquid's 11+ years of experience in providing our professional services to folks across the country (and internationally in some cases), we've been able to narrow down what works for all involved.

Currently, you are not faced with colossal setup fees. This means that we literally invest in *you* up front.

Our service is built on recurring payment options (monthly or annual payments) where most are coupled with an initial two-year agreement. This significantly helps to keep the cost prospective low for you and in turn, shows commitment to our service for a minimum period. On our end, the average client cost recovery breaks even (this is our upfront investment in you) around the 2.5-4.5 year mark. You can see how much we put in up-front for you and how important your commitment to us is in return.

In our quest to be transparent, our pricing model is based on us not wanting to earn revenue off any single client whereas we earn revenue across our entire client base when combined. This means that every client is treated equally, no matter the level of the service plan selected and the age of the account.
How many clients do you have?
We do not disclose this for legal and privacy reasons. In the end, this holds no real value and is an internal metric only.

Every client receives equal service and support regardless of the level of service plan they are on.
Are there any business types you do not work with?
We currently do not service the following business types/industries:

• eCommerce based retail websites
• Non-Attorney based bankruptcy and/or credit consultants
• Credit repair
• Debt assistance
• Business financing/funding
• Affiliate marketing-based businesses (e.g. promoting Amazon, Walmart, etc type products)
• Independent business consultants unless pre-approved
• Temporary businesses (contracted, event websites)
• Membership-based businesses unless pre-approved
• Strictly blog based websites (built upon affiliate marketing, heavy ad placement, etc)

If you have any concern as to whether we’re able to service your business type, please get in touch!
Can I get a refund?
We are a service based company and therefore, do not offer refunds.
Does My Fee Ever Get Increased?
2017 was the absolute worst year we have ever experienced across the board with companies (vendors) raising prices, despite the agreements we had established with them.

Let it be known that the rate you come on board with is the rate you keep, period. Lyquid is *not* a company that will raise our agreed upon cost. In 11 years, we've not raised any client rates after the fact, unless said client voluntarily changed their account with adding a new service, feature or upgraded their account in some manner.

The only factors that could risk you losing the original cost are the following:

• Your account is not in good standing and/or fluctuates in and out of good standing, whereas we then need to spend additional time tracking you down to cover fees due.
• You close your account. Voluntarily changing your plan like this changes the agreement we originally had with each other. If you close your account and re-open it or a new one, you'll be required to hold an account within our current service pricing.
• If you add any services or "extras" to your account, the cost will naturally raise at that time.

Aside from the notable items above, you'll *never* feel the sting of a price increase. This is a topic we take quite seriously.
Do you offer social media, ongoing SEO, graphic design, video production, business analysis services and more?
While some of those items could be considered priority in your overall advertising strategy, they are not areas we focus on. We can help guide you based on what we learn about your company and vision, however, they are not services we offer to clients.

Our focus is geared towards areas we know can provide a significant impact to a company. In our experience, clients may come in thinking they need all these different strategies in place, need to hit all these various platforms/services, expand to different areas, etc - to which, in most cases, ends up being a less productive use of your resources and energy.

Let's see if we're a good fit.

If this sounds promising to you, let’s chat further to see if there’s a mutual fit. We’ll start with a free assessment of your current situation with base recommendations on how to improve.

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Business Website FAQs

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What is your turn around time?
We aim to have a draft of the website ready for review within 2 weeks from receiving all the information and content from you. Much of the speed that we can work at is dependent on you and/or your team.
What is your process?
Once you officially open your account with us, we'll set up an initial 1-hour appointment where we'll ask you random questions that assist with establishing the basis for the website. From there, we'll assign tasks to you and while you gather the information/content needed, we'll begin building the foundation for the website. Once you complete submitting all necessary content, we'll build that in, soon having a review ready for you. If everything looks excellent, we can prep to launch, and if needed, we'll go through a round or two of minor revisions prior to launch. Post-launch, you'll be placed in the care of our excellent Support team, further ensuring your needs are continually met.
How are your setup fees generated?
We invest in you up-front. The way our service plans are designed is with a setup fee and an ongoing rate. Your setup fee helps to cover some of the time your Strategist spends with you during your sales and onboarding phases. From there, we eventually recoup our up-front expenses somewhere between the 2.5-4.5 year mark. That's why your mutual commitment with Lyquid is crucial and why we require a minimum of a 2-year commitment within our Agreement with your company.
Can I take the website elsewhere?
We are a service based company and develop and maintain the website for you in-house, therefore, taking your website elsewhere is not something we allow.
What are your base fees?
Our website service setup fees currently range from $499-$750 (one-time cost) with a range of $110/mo - $250/mo for your ongoing rate.
Do you have a term length in your contract?
We require a minimum of a 2-year committment from your company. This is due to the amount of money we invest in you up-front during the website build and beyond.
How many leads will I get from my Lyquid website?
To turn internet users into actual leads requires two primary things:

• Site Traffic - getting more internet users to your site can be done through word of mouth, social networking, advertising, and many other ways. The number of internet users that you can reach is directly related to how much time, effort and/or money you want to use to go get those users on your site.

• Conversion - more important than getting users to your site is converting those users to leads which you can take action on. Action usually requires some sort of contact information from your site visitor and internet users are usually not excited about giving up that information. Rest assured we will work with you to make sure your new website leverages the best methods in our toolbox to convert a site visitor into an actual lead given the nature of your business and customer audience. Investments in this area usually pay off at a much higher return than investments that are made just to increase traffic.

Very often, a successful conversion occurs when you prove to the user that you are a reputable provider of the service or product they’re looking for and that you are trustworthy and easy to work with.
What if I'm unhappy?
If by chance you find yourself not as pleased as you would have liked, you're only requirement is to meet the 2-year committment, at which time, you can request for your account to be closed. If you'd prefer to exit sooner than that, you can pay the remaining time left on your minimum committment to Lyquid, whereas, we can then close your account as needed.
Where do Lyquid clients typically come from?
The majority of clients who join Lyquid come from other services paying as much as 3 times more—from less quality service providers. Our pricing and consistent service help to turn that previous experience around. Our recent patterns have shown clients typically include industries such as: Legal, Medical, Real Estate, Construction, Schools, Telecom, Restaurants /Bars / Breweries, and specialty trade groups (including Professional Organizers).
How long have you been in business?
We're going on our 11th year in business as we premium website and targeted ads service. A fun fact - Lyquid didn't used to have this name! It took an entire year for us to decide on what name would best support our beliefs and quality standards.
What if I need to make an edit on the website?
We're happy to help! You can either email our Support team directly with your request or depending on your level of website access we provide, you may be able to log into the website, making the edit at any time on your end.
Do you provide email hosting?
Yes! If you are in need of professional email addresses to go along with your website, we can create those for you with your service from Lyquid. Our initial email hosting package is integrated within your base services fees, which is dependent on your service plan of choice.
Level 1 = 3 email addresses
Level 2 = 7 email addresses
Level 3 = 10 email addresses

If you need more email addresses than what is provided within your service plan, you can add additional email addresses to your account at a rate of $30/mo for 10 additional email addresses.

Through our email hosting, we require you to configure the email addresses with a specialty "email client" such as a free Google account (we'll guide you through the process), so that you can access and manage your emails from any device. We do not permanently store your emails on our servers and will purge them from time to time (your Google account will store them for you).
What is your support like?
Every service plan comes with 30 minutes of free professional support per month. You can use this time for general questions you'd like to brainstorm with us, website edits or updates or emailing your original Strategist who helped to onboard you to Lyquid. This time does not roll over and future time cannot be taken. If by chance your needs exceed the free time provided, we'll simply inform you of the overage and notify you of the estimated cost needed to complete your request (typically needed for larger website updates).
What industries do you focus on?
Our recent patterns have shown clients typically include industries such as: Legal, Medical, Real Estate, Construction, Schools, Telecom, Restaurants /Bars / Breweries, and specialty trade groups (including Professional Organizers).
What is your Support's response time?
We respond to initial emails within 24 hours during business hours to any and all client requests and questions. Supporting you is the cornerstone of our commitment to exceeding your expectations.
Do I get a dedicated support rep?
Initially, you'll be teamed up with a single Strategist who will be your go-to throughout the sales and onboarding process. From there, you'll be guided into the excellent care of our dedicated Support team. We're considering a dedicated Support Rep that will solely maintain a specific amount of client accounts, however, this is a complex situation as we need to support scalibility before committing to this type of singular support.
Do you offer phone support?
During your sales and onboarding phases, your Strategist will be available via phone, text and email during business hours. Once your website is launched and you've been introduced to our Support Team, we'll continue service through an email based ticketing system. Our support team does not have phone capibilities (we tried and it didn't go as smooth as we had hoped!). If absolutely needed, you can reach out to your Strategist to discuss needs via phone, however, this time will count against your free monthly support time.
Can a new website save my business?
If you're in a position where you're already concerned about the state of your business, we suggest regrouping before joining us at Lyquid. Websites are a fantastic tool and way to grow your business, but to expect the website to magically save you from a negative position is not a realistic outlook. The last thing we want is for you to be disappointed and having the wrong expectations.
What is included in your ongoing rate?
We pride ourselves on what we refer to as 'ghost service'. Behind the scenes, we are maintaining code, monitoring your website, providing security, updating server requirements, ensuring email delivery, and plenty more. We also provide to you 30 minutes each month of support and a small portion of this rate goes towards the up-front investment we made in you during the initial website build.

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Targeted Advertising FAQs

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Do you have a term length in your contract?
As we seek committed clientele and knowing what reality is within the advertising world, we require a minimum (initial) 6-month commitment from your company. At the end of your initial term, you'll be automatically rolled into a quarterly renewal cycle. We do encourage our clients to stick with us for at least 12 months so that there's enough time to start seeing measurable traction. Many of our clients have worked with us continuously for several years. We never take that for granted and always remain focused on continually earning the right to do business with our clients, every single month.
What is your process?
Once you officially open your account with us, we'll set up an initial appointment where we'll ask you a series of questions that assist with establishing the basis for your ad campaigns.

We differ from the vast majority of ad agencies... Your first month is entirely about Lyquid gathering and thoroughly researching your business, products/services, current foundation and overall needs (you're only obligation in the first month is our account setup fee).

*We do not launch ads in the first month unless you're on our Level 1 starter plan.* Unlike other agencies, we place great care toward your budget and goals, ensuring we have built a solid basis to grow various ad campaigns.

Month 2 (and onward) is when we begin to roll out your ads and initiating our ongoing management fee and collecting your ad spend budget for the month.
What are your account setup fees?
Our account setup fees range from $1,000 - $2,500 (one time fee). We budget and set aside a certain amount of time per service plan—devoting all resources possible to gain the best foundation for your account.
What are your ongoing fees?
Depending on your service plan of choice—our management fees per month range from $275/mo - $1,550/mo. Our ongoing management fees are a fixed rate. You do not need to be concerned about variable rates or pay-per-performance fees with Lyquid.
How do your rates compare to other agencies?
Our rates are average for what you'll find throughout the industry. You'll come across others that are less costly, however, a word of caution - you get what you pay for (e.g. other providers might toss your account into an automated A.I. system and call it quits). Our costs are streamlined and allow us to cram as much time as possible toward your account.

Unlike many other ad agencies, we build in additional services that greatly assist with a quality ad cycle. We include our premium landing page service that we provide and maintain in-house as well as monthly video reporting we send to you (if you've selected our level 2+ ad service or have added these options to your level 1 account package).
How are fees paid to Lyquid?
Management fees are paid up-front for each quarter and renews automatically unless you contact us 15 days prior to your next quarterly renewal date. Your monthly ad spend is paid 5 days prior to the following month and also renewals (is paid) automatically.
Can I pay the management fee monthly?
We offer quarterly and annual campaigns because brand advertising takes a period of time to see its impact. We collect the total payment upfront because we make a commitment to our ad partners for your campaign when you come aboard.
Can you guarantee me results?
Every business situation is unique, so we cannot guarantee results. Anyone promising you results should be an immediate red flag. Factors that affect results include your industry, your prospective buyer's journey, your company's current position and maturity, and so on. Additionally, when you work with us, we need you to commit to certain responsibilities on your end as well, and the extent of your cooperation with us will be a significant factor in our success together. But what we can guarantee is this: by working with us, you gain certified professionals who bring extensive digital expertise, who are devoted to your success, and who will commit their time and energy to doing whatever it takes to help your business succeed.
Can you share with me previous results?
This is not something we can provide to you for legal and privacy reasons. The only thing we could show you is a random graph that has no affiliation to anyone and wouldn't serve you any real benefit. What we can tell you is that we've been developing campaigns for countless businesses over the years and as such, have maintained a well-established system.
How long does it take to start to see results?
It can vary a lot! Sometimes certain campaigns can get results very quickly (within 2-4 months). Others can take much more time to gain traction. It will depend a lot on the length of your target audience's buyer journeys. If your target audience usually moves from initial awareness to purchase within a few days or weeks, you will likely see results faster. If your company's offerings are a "considered purchase," where your audience might take several months to move from initial awareness to purchase, it will almost certainly take longer to see results. It also takes time to gain a positive relationship within ad platforms, to gain insight into trends and human behavior based on your specific needs. While we don't require legally binding long-term contracts above 3-6 months, we do encourage our clients to stick with us for at least 12 months so that there's enough time to start seeing measurable traction.
What if I'm unhappy or I need to cancel my account?
If by chance you find yourself not as pleased as you would have liked, you're only requirement is to meet the initial 6-month commitment, at which time, you can request for your account to be closed by providing a *minimum* 15 days written (via email) notice prior to the following month.

If you are within your 3-month renewal cycle, simply give us 15 days notice prior to the following month.

Please note, we do not provide refunds on our ad management services that are paid up-front at each renewal cycle, however, your commitment to paying additional money towards ads can be canceled 15 days prior to the following month's ad run. What this means is that if you are within "Month 2" of a quarterly cycle, you can cancel 15 days prior to "Month 3." While you will not be provided a refund for management fees paid towards Lyquid, you will not be charged for "Month 3's" ad spend.
For the monthly fee - doesn't that include everything by default?
The short answer is: no. You'll find in our advertising industry that certain companies or individuals (freelance consultants) will specialize only in certain pieces of your overall targeted ads strategy. These include (but are not limited to): campaign strategy, ongoing ad management, reporting, landing pages, call tracking, and more. We provide all of this within our specified plans, at a lower bundled fee.

Our goal is to bring you as many items as realistically possible, all under one specialized/experienced roof.
What do we expect from our clients?
Hiring an advertising agency isn't a "set it and forget it" operation. In order to serve you best, we will need a certain amount of time and cooperation on your end. We will need your engagement for reviewing, giving feedback, and approving the content and campaigns that we are producing in any given month, when asked. Plan on committing at least a couple hours of time each month to work with us. Additionally, during our work together, we will oftentimes find areas where we will recommend that you change your own business processes to improve results, whether that be in your sales process, your marketing strategy, your internal controls, and so on. We ask that you be open to considering and trying any business process recommendations that we recommend during the course of our work.
What is the difference between an ads agency and a lead seller?
If you're asking this question, there is a good chance you've received sales emails pitching you on buying "qualified leads" from a service provider.

A leads seller invests in their own ad campaigns/leads funnel, converts all click leads, then sells them to clients they have signed on to their service.

An ads agency invests in YOU. We learn about your specific goals, your ideal client, your products & services, then we craft a unique campaign around your vision. We make it about you specifically, rather then grabbing as many random leads as possible, selling them to the highest bidder.
How does inbound advertising work?
The inbound methodology is a comprehensive way of planning the whole journey of your prospects from awareness, to lead, to customer, to customers being a cheerleader for your company.

We work with you on the "first half" of this process: attracting prospects, converting them to leads, and handing them off to you in order to nurture those leads until they're ready to close. And then we are predominantly reliant on you to do the second half: closing sales, and servicing your customers to turn them into delighted cheerleaders for your company. Implementing this entire process is a team effort, so it is imperative that we work collaboratively and hand-in-hand through it all!
What industries do you focus on?
Our recent patterns have shown clients typically include industries such as: Legal, Medical, Real Estate, Construction, Schools, Telecom, Restaurants / Bars / Breweries, specialty trade groups (including Professional Organizers) and more.
What is your support like?
You'll be provided a dedicated ad account representative that is your "go-to" with regards to everything under the sun for your Lyquid Ads account.

We're available to you at any time during business hours. It's best to reach us via email so we can remain focused on your ads, however, you are welcome to call your rep directly. Please understand that we do have time limits for each service plan (each plan is optimized for efficiency, allowing us to cram as much service into each client as possible). The more emails or calls we receive do affect the amount of time and attention we can place towards your ads each month.

Also keep in mind that each month, we're sending you a video report recap on the performance of our ads, what we've learned that month, where we're going for your ads, what adjustments we've made and how the overall performance is going. Depending on your account, you'll also receive PDF reporting that covers much of this information.
Can I change my ad direction towards a different service or goal?
We're happy to help! You can either email or call your account representative directly with your updated needs and we'll help you through the adjusted direction. If it's a drastic change, we may need to pause the current campaigns we're running for you, revisit a setup fee of some sort and reestablish new campaigns within the new direction your company prefers.
Can I upgrade or downgrade ad service plans?
Yes - Upon the next renewal cycle, we can adjust your ad management account plan based on your current available budget.

As it pertains to your ad spend each month - while we do not recommend changing this often, we can adjust your ad spend budget month to month with 15 days written (via email) notice prior to the following month, as you'd prefer. Please note, this is separate from our management fees, which can only be changed at the time of your quarterly renewal (again, with 15 days notice).
Can I take the ads account you setup elsewhere?
In certain cases, we are able to transfer an account, however, not all accounts are able to be transferred out.
Can ads save my business?
If you're in a position of this nature, we recommend not running ads until you've reached stability. Ongoing ad campaigns can do amazing things, but going into a service like ours, hoping it will turn your business around is placing your finances and overall well-being at risk. With advertising, unless you can afford to lose it, you shouldn't begin. That's the nature of advertising.
What ad platforms do you provide management for?
Our main focus is Google, followed by less popular platforms that may include Bing, Facebook, among others. We also have a new emerging platform that may suit your needs (yes, we're being quiet about it... it's showing promise and many agencies are unaware of it).
I read somewhere on Google that I should ask 'x' before joining your company.
As we look at our competition from time to time, we come across these generic lists. They are typically presented as "The top 10 questions to ask an ad agency"... the problem - these are nearly (entirely) written BY ad agencies and are often biased towards their own strengths or topics they prefer to speak on. They are sales tools for their own ad service.

Rather than running through an interview's worth of random questions, lets get to know the real you and you can meet us, the actual people behind the curtain that promotes your company online. We seek a real connection with our clients vs one-and-done or fly-by-night folks.
How long have you been in business?
We're going on our 11th year in business as a premium website and targeted ads service provider. A fun fact - Lyquid didn't use to have this name! It took an entire year for us to decide on what name would best support our beliefs and quality standards.
Are you officially certified?
Yes - each ad account representative is certified. Be wary of asking this question - just because someone may be certified, doesn't mean they are good at what they do. We look at our annual renewal certifications as maintaining our relevance in the advertising industry vs something that will actually benefit our clients.

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