Gmail Online (Desktop Browser Version) | Setup Guide

Available for smart phones & tablets

*Please note that any support you need regarding your email client software (app, email desktop software, etc) functionality, options, email signatures, etc, must be done directly with the software support you’re using. We are unable to provide support for any software or app you use with your official Lyquid supplied email addresses. As technology and software is continually changing, we cannot guarantee the reliability or accuracy of our guides. We do not endorse any email client software; we are providing our email configuration guides as examples and options you may decide to use with your Lyquid email addresses. You are welcome to use any email client software of your choosing.

Start with either creating a new Gmail account or logging into your current account.

*VERY IMPORTANT: Using Gmail Online is a great way to centralize your official email addresses into one place, including on your smart phone and tablet since all your configured email addresses will be streamed and accessible from one single Gmail account. Now for the bad news, when using Gmail online, Google forces an average time of 55 minutes between times they “fetch” your emails from third party servers. This means if you are on your computer and someone sends you an email, you won’t see it in Gmail for roughly 55 minutes. If that is not an issue, great! If it is, we recommend you use Microsoft Outlook or another email client you prefer to use that allows for POP3 (this means it will store and backup your emails and is highly recommended that you do – see note on the right).

This is your Gmail Inbox. Your Google account is ready to go. Let’s now configure your Gmail account with your Lyquid email address(s)!
Click the top right settings gear and click on Settings.
Click on Accounts and Import
Scroll down and click Add a POP3 mail account you own.
Enter your new email address, such as “”
For example…

Enter your login/server credentials that were provided to you by our Support Team. Your “Username” is always your email address.

Use Port 995 for the POP server.

Checkmark “Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server” (IMPORTANT)

Checkmark “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail”

If you’d like to easily distinguish between each email address in your Gmail account, checkmark the option to “Label incoming messages”

UNCHECK (or don’t check) “Archive incoming messages”

Your Gmail account is now setup to import your email messages from our server.

Let’s now configure your Gmail account to allow you to “Send” mail as your official email address.

To do so, simply click “Next Step:

Enter the “Name” for the email address. The “Name” is what you want people to see when they receive your emails. For example, most emails you receive from us will be from “Lyquid Agency”
Enter your Outgoing credentials that were provided to you by our Support Team. Your “Username” is always your email address. Choose SSL for Security and 465 for your Outgoing Port.

Now it’s time to Verify you “own” this new email address. Gmail will now send you a “Gmail Confirmation” email with a verification code within (it’s near the top of the email).

Here is an example of the email you will receive soon.

Since you’re working in a pop up box, click your browser window and click on your Gmail Inbox. Remember Gmail only imports your messages once every 55 minutes (roughly – it’s sometimes sooner than that). Leave the pop up box opened on your screen!

Once you receive the email, copy and paste the verification code into the text field, clicking Verify afterwards.
Your email address is nearly ready for us, but first let’s make some important adjustments.

In the image example, look at both arrows.

Click the radio button that says “Reply from the same address the message was sent to”

Just above that is your email address list. When you go to Compose a new email to send to someone, if you want it to by default “Send from” your official email address, on the right side of the page, click “Make Default”

Scroll down and click “SAVE” at the bottom of the settings page.
It seems like a weird thing to do, but click on your Inbox. You’ll now have to go back into your settings again. THe reason for this is Gmail needs to refresh the settings options before you make any more changes.
As you did before, click the settings gear at the top right and click on Settings.

Let’s now make you even more official and set up your Email Signature.

To do this, scroll down the first settings page you were brought to. You’ll see a Signature section. First, click the radio button next to the drop down where your email address is listed. This will turn on this feature. Just below in the text area, add in your email signature. You can go as detailed as you’d like. For most accounts, Gmail even lets you add images to your email signature.

Checkmark the option just below the email signature text box. Scroll down and click Save Changes

Now, let’s test the settings!

Click on your Inbox again and click on COMPOSE at the top left.

In your message composer, pay attention to the From field. If you chose the option to make your email address the “Default” email address, it will be shown right here.

If you chose and added an email signature, you will also see the email signature added to the email for you.

To understand the convenience of Gmail, click the From drop down. You’ll see all your email addresses listed here. The great thing about Gmail is that you can choose which email address you’d like to send mail as, including if you’re responding, you can respond via a different email address. This means you can add in multiple email accounts and you’ll only need to check this single Gmail account. Similar to working within Microsoft Outlook for desktop computers.

If you add multiple Lyquid email address of yours to this one Gmail account and have a different email signature for each, depending on which “From” email address you want to send mail as, Gmail will switch out the email signature making it specific for the address you’re sending mail as. Pretty neat!

Woo! Your email address is now setup online. Time to celebrate, right? – Not just yet! Be sure to test your email address on your computer now. It’s best to send a test message to a personal email address of yours in order to make sure it shows up without issue. You’ll then want to send a reply back from your personal email address and make sure you receive your business email via this Gmail account.

Remember it may take up to 55 minutes for your message to be shown within your Gmail online account – if you have this Gmail account streaming on your phone or tablet, you’ll see it right away. Its good to have your phone or tablet streaming your email so you know if there is a message that will come in soon to your Gmail online version.

If you are new to Gmail – and you’d like to “logout” click the round circle image at the top right of the screen and then click “Sign Out.”

Annnnd…now your done.

Official Domain Email Address Setup Guides

Official domain email addresses set you apart from the rest who still use Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Comcast, among others to represent them in from of their customers. When it comes to business, having an official “” makes a true difference.

While we cannot set up your email address for you, we offer detailed guides on how to do so.

Prior to beginning any available email setup guide, make sure you have received and have your email configuration information in front of you. If you do not, please contact our Support Team using the “Need Email Config Info?” button below.

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